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A Heart in Sun and Shadow

Book One

In an ancient Wales that never was…

Aine, a changeling woman with Fey blood and Selkie gifts struggles to fit into the human world.  The twin brothers Emyr and Idrys are cursed by a scorned Fae to live as hounds, Emyr by night and Idrys by day. Chief to their people, the twins hide their curse by pretending Idrys is dead as he plays the part of his brother during the nights.

Tragedy strikes and leaves Aine alone and injured, only to be rescued by Emyr and his faithful mutt. Aine discovers Emyr has his own secrets and slowly learns the truth.

The power of dreams…

Confessions of love between the three leave Aine in despair; her role as a wise woman means she can never marry her lovers. But when a mystical dream shows her a way to break their curse, she embarks on a journey to the realm of the Fey to confront not only the curse but her own gifts and heritage.

Love will set her free… Or bind her forever…

The first book in the Cyrmu That Was Duology, an exciting dark fantasy fairytale by Annie Bellet.

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