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The Scent of Sunlight - Ebook SmallSingle mother Queenie Hayes struggles to support her two young children and tells them stories of a world filled with sunlight instead of concrete, a world called the Veldt where magical creatures abound and her family roams, free from the trials of the real world.  As a social worker threatens to break apart her family, the Veldt offers her family a chance to escape if she can find the courage, and imagination, to reach for it.

The Scent of Sunlight is an urban fantasy short story.

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Exiled from her people, Alila lives alone in a canyon harvesting Frankincense resin with her twin unicorns for company. When a pregnant princess on the run from assassins disrupts her quiet world, Alila chooses to help her reach the coast.  Hounded by assassins and torn apart by distrust, Alila’s choice threatens to reveal her dark past and her terrible secret. If she and the princess survive their journey to safety.

Delivering Yaehala is an epic fantasy novella.

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Creole gentleman Remy Pigeon has a gift, or a curse.  He can touch objects and read the past from them.
He prefers to stay away from trouble, but when an attractive red-head with a serious problem and a supernatural secret wanders into his house on a hot summer day, Remy knows that trouble has just found him.

Flashover is an urban fantasy short story.

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Janie was always a lone wolf before she met Roane. Now she believes she’s found her soul mate, a fellow shifter who takes her into his home and his heart. But when she discovers a hidden room filled with dark history, Janie is plunged into danger as Roane’s secrets threaten not only her life, but that of her unborn child.

Broken Moon is an urban fantasy short story.

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Winter2Many years ago, Ysabon made her living by the sword as a skilled mercenary.  Now she lives in Westedge with her brother’s children, tending to the animals and afraid of dying old and useless.  Then a horrible winter storm drives monsters down from the mountains and Ysabon can save her family and her village only if she finds the strength to take up the sword for a final battle.

Winter’s Bite is an epic fantasy short story.

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OF Bone new cover thumb

Eking out an existence as a scavenger in post-apocalyptic Russia, Ryska never thought she would be more than a blind, discarded military experiment. Then she ends up in the middle of a kidnapping gone wrong and must use her all her skills to save herself, and the young boy who brings back painful memories of her past.

Of Bone and Steel and Other Soft Materials is a science fiction short story that originally appeared in the anthology Mirror Shards: Volume One (Black Moon Books).

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