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Book 1

In the Free City of Pyrrh, murders and other serious crimes are investigated by the Cordonates of the Considerable Crimes Division.

Struggling with his grief over losing his last partner, the last thing Cordonate Parshan Koury wants is someone else. Zhivana Nedrogovna, his new partner, is fresh out of the City Watch and not even human, and unsure she wants to work with the broody, angry Par.

As Parshan and Zhivana rush to solve a case of mugging gone wrong that soon proves far more complex, they must learn to trust each other or this first case together might be their last.


""Law and Order with sword fights! It is great when a writer can pull off one genre well. Bellet shows her writing chops in that she is not only able to write a great homage to a police detective story but to combine it seamlessly with the swashbuckling, magic and world building of a fantasy novel. With great aplomb, Bellet manages to give both genres their due.”"

"“Think Law and Order in Renaissance London, with a dash of magic and cat-people for good measure. Both Par and Zhivana have emotional depth and intriguing complexity. They and the supporting characters, victims and suspects and allies, all had realistic motivations and secrets, driving the plot forward through the investigation and to the final scene, which was both exciting and emotionally satisfying… Which brings us to another good thing about the cover: that tantalizing “Book One.” ”"

Black Gate Magazine

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