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Dusk and Shiver: 3 Remy Pigeon Stories

Three paranormal mystery short stories featuring Creole gentleman Remy Pigeon. Remy Pigeon has a gift, or a curse.  He touches objects and reads the past from them. Sometimes this lets him solve mysteries, but mostly it gets him neck deep in paranormal problems.

Till Human Voices Wake Us:

Bodies of men start turning up in the bayou and the sheriff turns to Remy to solve the who, why, and how. But when his gift uncovers more mystery and more bodies, Remy might have to choose between justice and saving his own skin.

Dusk and Shiver:
The last thing Remy expects on a quiet day at home is an axe-bearing zombi breaking through his front door.  Worse, she’s a former client of his, and the mother of a newborn baby.  To solve the mystery of her un-death, Remy must venture out into the post-hurricane wreckage of his town, find the baby, and stop a murderous voodun sorcerer.
It’s one hell of a day off.

Remy prefers to stay away from trouble, but when an attractive red-head with a serious problem and a supernatural secret wanders into his house on a hot summer day, Remy knows that trouble has just found him.

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