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Writing Update July

Saturday the 5th is my last day of work.  Starting next week, I’m launching into being a full time writer (well, and student once that starts, but it is for writing, so it hopefully won’t slow me down too much).

So it is time for an update on what I’m working on and what I intend for the next 6 months or so.

Things That Need Doing:

Dangerous novel rewrite/2-3 months.

Poetry chapbook for school funding: I meant to do this, still might.

Monsters short story rewrite: By September

Delilah short story revision: End of July

Bladebearer short story rewrite: By September

Projects that will be started and/or finished in 2008:

Bad Day graphic novel (the written part at least, we’ll see how Law School treats my artist). This is about half done now (the writing part).

Past Dark graphic novels (started hopefully, definitely not finished since that could take a long time).  This is partially done, not sure when/if it will be finished (the writing part).

Werewolves in Space novel: outlined fully now, will be started next.

Chwedl novel: outlined fully, have about 200 handwritten words so far.  I think this will be my “when tired of staring at computer screen” project since I’m crazily writing it by hand.