Big Announcement!

I’ve sold the print rights to The Twenty-Sided Sorceress to Saga Press! They will be putting out two collected editions, one with the first four books, one with the books five through seven.

Sorceress comps for realsies

What does that mean for the books? It means you can get them in hardcover or trade paper! It also means that very shortly, the paperback versions of the individual books will disappear. The ebooks are still up and for sale of course and nothing will change there.

For details, see the reveal post on the Barnes&Noble Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog!

To pre-order the first volume (books 1-4 in Level Grind):

Click here for Amazon

Click here for Powell’s

Click here for B&N


To pre-order the second volume (books 5-7 in Boss Fight):

Click here for Amazon

Click here for B&N

6 Responses to “Big Announcement!”

  1. Carla Baku

    Annie, huge congratulations on the print-only sale. You’ve had a remarkable journey! 🙂

  2. Bill Daniel

    congratulations on the sale and lots more to come.
    Question, I have pre-ordered both now and would love to get them signed. Is there a place to send them (with return postage of course) for that to happen?

    • Annie

      Ha, accidentally replied via email, but I’ll repeat here: remind me after release and I’ll see what I can do? I’ll also be making a few convention appearances next year as well I hope, and maybe signing at least at Powell’s. So there are likely ways!

  3. Lindsay

    The B&N listing for the Level Grind omnibus says in the ‘overview’ that it is:
    “An omnibus of the first seven books ….This is the collection of the first seven volumes of the Hugo Award nominated series: Justice Calling; Murder of Crows; Pack of Lies; Hunting Season; Heartache; Thicker Than Blood; and Magic to the Bone.”
    From the post above and the Amazon listing it looks like that’s inaccurate. I just picked up thee books of 5-7 of the series on B&N and figured you’d want to let the publisher know.

    • Annie

      Thanks! I notified the publisher. Hopefully that gets corrected. It’s out of my hands, alas.

  4. Jackie

    I just started your series on Thursday and I’m already (or rather finally for my speed) on book seven! I have to say congratulations(!) and I love this series! I love reading the “Easter eggs” for all of my favorite things – Zelda, Star Wars, Firefly (Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! I use any excuse to say that!), etc. and onwards!

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