Book 10 in April (I know, I know)

Yes, March is almost over. No, book 10 is not ready.  But almost!

Look for it first or second week of April (will depend on things like speed of proofreaders and formatters and upload times etc). Thank you for your continued patience.

Meanwhile please enjoy these book 10 teasers done in the style of the Avengers Endgame posters.  Try not to freak out too much, lol.

2 Responses to “Book 10 in April (I know, I know)”

  1. Dekota c

    I love the posters! What is Alek’s human form look like?

  2. Elizabeth Sanders

    Hi, I love your books! I just finished Book 9, and saw this post about Book 10 coming very soon. I wanted to inquire to see if you might have any kind of update on it? No pressure of course, but I wanted to check just in case it might release soon, that way I could read that instead of starting a new series. Thank you!

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