Books in July

Hope everyone is having a good start to summer. As some of you might know, I’m moving overseas to the Netherlands at end of June. Packing for a 5000 mile move and getting everything in order while dealing with a serious injury is stressful and taking a lot out of me, sorry. While book 9 probably could go up next week, I frankly don’t want to rush and deal with a book launch in the middle of this move. I was hoping to get the book out much earlier in the month, but hope and spring and eternal and all that, right? 🙂

So I’ll probably upload and get all that done from Amsterdam instead the first week of July.

Thank you for your continued patience while I navigate this huge life change and this stupid back injury.


4 Responses to “Books in July”

  1. Katherine Stewart

    Wow Annie that’s quite a move! I envy you though, Akkerman inks and Appelboom my favorite stationery store is in the Den Hague and I’ve never been there! Gotta love the internet for stuff like this!

  2. Veuril Mcdavid

    Hope you feel better soon and your move goes smoothly. I know back pain sucks from personal experience. Hope you enjoy the Netherlands. I can’t wait for the new books. The Twenty-Sided Sorceress are great. Wish you the best Annie.

  3. Kathy Whitlock

    I’ve had chronic back pain after several surgeries. I manage it well with acupuncture, massage, and muscle relaxants (the latter are not needed often). Best of luck with your move.

  4. Kathy Whitlock

    PS I am a very patient reader. I am delighted to hear you are continuing the 20-sided Sorceress series. Keep those words coming!

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