December 2016 Update

Quickie note here about December releases. Due to holiday vacation times at the various retailers, Dungeon Crawl will not be up on Barnes & Noble, Apple/iTunes, or Kobo until early January. I believe I can get it live on Amazon before Christmas, though with the holidays I can’t promise that. So far Amazon hasn’t said upload times will be affected or that they’ll close processing new titles around the holidays, so fingers crossed.

So… book is coming this month, just maybe not to every retailer this month, sorry.

15 Responses to “December 2016 Update”

  1. Tarun Elankath

    Its the last day of the year (here), Christmas passed a long time ago and…no book yet. Looks like our twenty sided Sorceress has got lost in a time warp… *sob*

    • Annie

      More like… most retailers are closed down for Holidays 😉 Also, I’ve decided why give 2016 one more thing to screw up?

      So… book 8 will be in January. Starting out the new year right, hopefully. Thank you for your patience! Happy New Year!

  2. Sylvia

    Very much looking forward to the new book!

  3. Sean

    I have recently discovered your 20 sided sorceress series thanks to the first 3 books in a collection on audio book from audible and am currently reading Thicker than blood. I just want to say that I love this series and especially love all the geeky references you slip in left and right from awesome shows like buffy and dr who to table top rpgs and even skyrim.

  4. Chantelle

    Any news on when dungeon crawl will be available on amazin?

  5. Richard Bell

    As soon as I read “Justice Calling”, I was in love with this series. I have been eagerly awaiting book 8 since I read book 7! I am sure the added wait will be more than worth it (Damn Amazon). Maybe a short story where Jade tracks down the Amazon CEO and eats his heart is in order…. (just kidding…. Sorta)

  6. sean barber

    I was wondering if there was any updated information on the release of dungeon crawl

  7. Jen

    Its January and I’m still (sort of) patiently awaiting book eights arrival. As a mom of three these series fuel my mommy time 🙂 please release it soon! Thank you for your wonderful mind.

  8. Rumi

    Hi I live in the U.K. and love your twenty sided sorceress book, especially her being a dragon. I can’t currently find the 8th book as kindle 🙁 I guess I’ll wait another month or so and check again.

  9. Richard Bell

    Any further update on when this will be out? I’ve been looking forward to this quite a bit.

  10. Michelle Chastain Johnson

    Still waiting patiently, well trying too anyway, for dungeon crawl! I discovered jade crow and the 20 sided sorceress two weekends ago and devowered the entire series in two weeks!! Wish I had Jade’s time jump power!


  11. Brian

    It is 1/31/17 and no news yet for Dungeon Crawl. Any updates you can provide?

  12. Tarun Elankath

    Maybe we are whining too early… I guess you meant Jan 2018. That’s ok – its only another year away. Can wait easy peasy.

  13. Sarah

    Any updates on Dungeon Crawl?

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