5 Responses to “Dungeon Crawl Release!”

  1. Sarah

    *weeps* and I don’t have the money for it for another 2 weeks…

    • Sarah

      Mark of a nerd; funneled money around the book and talked my husband into it.

  2. robert e freeman

    Just finished this and it was great but was wondering did I somehow miss Harpers book or was there a change on when it would be done that I missed.

  3. Cloudbuster

    For seven books the vet has been named Vivian. Now it’s Vickie. I didn’t notice anything happen to Vivian. Am I missing something?

    • Annie

      Oh god, no, you aren’t missing anything. I apparently changed her name to Vickie in my notes for book 8 somehow. This is what I get for going a year between books.

      So… pretend that Vickie is a nickname for Vivian since major changes to the files will take time. Sorry about that.

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