Emigrating is no Joke

(TLDR: emigrating is time-consuming and tiring, book 9 within the next two weeks.)


As some of you who follow me on Twitter etc probably know, we moved 5000 miles to the Netherlands this month. I was expecting, because I’m an idiot apparently, that I would get here and just be able to get to work asap.  Instead it’s been a roller-coaster ride of discovering things about how my new country works, finding a permanent place to live, dealing with the ongoing back injury, and doing lots of appointments and paperwork for immigration.

So suddenly it is the end of July and book 9 still needs some final edits and a final copyedit (which is not done by me, but my usual peeps are pretty quick so that shouldn’t delay too much once I get done with my part), then the final final read-through, the formatting, the uploading, and then hopefully into your hands! (or Kindle, or phone, or whatever you wanna read on, I don’t judge).

I know everyone is tired of waiting, sorry. But give me like a week to two weeks (two weeks to be safe) and book 9 will be here. Book 10 also just needs a few more chapters, some edits, copyedits, final final read, etc, so I’m still planning to have book 10 out within about 3-4 weeks of book 9’s release, but obviously at the moment my total focus is on book 9 cause you gotta read that one first because I know none of you are those monsters who read series out of order, right?

Thank you all for your epic patience with my habit of thinking that I’ll magically be able to do more than I’m capable of 🙂  It is my hope that this move will enable me in the longer term to be healthier, happier, figure out this stupid mysterious back injury that has stumped multiple doctors and physical therapists, and generally be able to write like the wind, because I have a ton of kickass ideas I’ve been developing while injured and I really want to share ALL of them with you peeps.

Hope your summer is going well.

3 Responses to “Emigrating is no Joke”

  1. Ronald MacQuarrie

    Well you’re there, that’s the big one, now come the endless details and “Oh shit, I forgot. . .something.” that comes with the territory. Hell moving across town is big thing. Ah well, things will settle. I’ve loved your writing from the first, and I can be patient. Good fortune and good future on your move! Being a fellow back sufferer I commiserate. Get well and do your therapy like your life depends on it. It kinda does.

  2. Emy Terrapin

    I have friends who moved from Texas to the Netherlands last year. It’s been a huge adjustment for them – but they love it there. Take the time you need to get everything taken care of on your end before worrying about us. And enjoy the weather while you can.

    I also second Ronald’s comment about doing your therapy, because that’s too important to ignore.

  3. Roxanne Snaauw

    I met my husband 23 years ago online in the first 3d chat program, World’s Chat. It’s an interesting story but long story short–he came for a visit, I decided I needed to be closer, so I sold everything and moved to Rotterdam. That was in 1996. We married in 1997, and I decided this southern girl couldn’t take the cold anymore, so we moved to North Carolina. So I made it for 2 years. Some of my best memories are of our time there and I often wish I’d stayed longer (especially when dealing with our broken medical system), and I miss our good friends there. If you ever want some ideas on fun places to go, let me know. I hope you love it as much as I do, or more I guess since I didn’t love it enough to stay. It is a wonderful place to live, if you’re not a half lizard southern girl.

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