Last Delay

Health issues still putting me down a lot, sorry guys. I need a little more time. This is the last delay, I promise. I won’t even give a date, we’ll just say early August, but it might be before end of month. The book is almost there. I just want it to be perfect and I have so little energy thanks to this ongoing illness that everything is taking longer than expected.

Thank you all for understanding and having patience!

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  1. Mark

    Don’t sweat it. I know I can’t wait to see what happens to Jade but I would want you healthy. Purely so I can get more of your novels. You’re a great writer, and anytime it’s delayed for any reason I’m sure people will and should understand. Hope you condition gets better, and good luck. I’m really looking forward to it.

  2. Tarun

    Relax and Get well! We can wait just a little bit more 🙂

  3. Dennis

    i’m mad, but not at you. I have that childish ‘but i want it NOW’ thing going on, and that’s just me being an arse. I will devour the book the day it comes out. Until then, any teasers? or a short blurbs in, or about, the 20 sided world? 🙂

  4. Nickie

    Get well soon Annie. I love that song! If you’re going thru Hell…
    Can’t wait to find out what happens to Jade and her friends.

  5. Dennis

    😉 thank you! every little bit makes the anticipation sweeter.

  6. Natalie

    Hope you are better soon. Just discovered Jade and company. Loved the books. Hope New one is soon but health is more important .

  7. Betty Kapla

    I love the 20 sided sorcerss series. Chomping at the bit for book 6.

  8. Betty Kapla

    I can’t wait for book 6!

  9. Athena Reed

    Hang in there an know we will all do the same ….. What matters is you getting better, we all know without you there is no 20 sided world, so stop worrying and focus on restoring your health an writing mana lol from some one who is 32 with three younger kids an a slowly always worsening lung disease.. You have to know when to stop fighting an rest. It sucks but alas see the first sentence of your story that you posted here….it seems to reflect what you have been going through.. So don’t worry we will be here on the other side cheering you on!!

  10. Kristen

    Its ok…now I have time to read other books…I’ve been stacking amazon so I guess I can stop till mid august 🙂

  11. Fabian White

    Oh dear – I got to the end of Heartache this morning and when I saw there had been a release scheduled for earlier in the year but wasn’t out yet, I was worried. Best wishes for your recovery, and I’ll look forward to the next book as soon as it’s out. P.S.: Really hoping for a saving throw for [Character or Characters left hanging and/or presumed dead in previous book].

  12. Dennis

    Is everything OK? Haven’t heard any news on your health, or the book, just want to make sure you’re OK. Take as long as you need, of course, we will wait. Your health comes first.

  13. Anita

    I still miss this new story but I am a big girl and can wait. Just get well so that you can complete the stories.

  14. Dennis

    Any news? Getting worried about your health. Even if the book takes another month or more, status updates On your health would ease some minds

    • Betty

      Hey, just concentrate on getting well….. We will all get it whenever it comes out!

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