12 Responses to “Magic To The Bone Date?!”

  1. Kaj Samuelsson

    Looking forward to this book.

  2. Debbie Brock

    Can’t wait for it to be out!

  3. Kate


  4. Cheri

    I love your writing. You have a wonderful imagination and you haven’t left loose ends like some have done. This series is great! I read all six of it in 2 1/2 weeks. I just couldn’t put it down. Thanks!

  5. Tarun

    Will be nice to read about our sorceress again (and the long pending boss fight) ! Btw, I wish you would choose another title – there is already a fantasy book by that name by Devon Monk.

    • Annie

      The title won’t change. I’d already come up with it as the perfect title and announced plus had the book cover made etc before I realized Devon had a book of the same. This happened with Murder of Crows, too (there are many books with that title, some of them Urban Fantasy apparently). Fortunately, titles aren’t something proprietary and can be used, so duplicating them (entirely on accident, in my case) isn’t a huge issue. I figure people will be able to tell the difference since our covers are so different and our author names are obviously nothing alike.


  6. JohnW

    Is the third week of March this week, or next week?

    • Annie

      Technically this week. But… book will be out next week. Or maybe weekend. Depends on a couple things. It’s being edited now. So only running a tiny bit late this time 🙂

      • JohnW

        Hey, never admit fault if you don’t have to! 🙂

        Next week is the third FULL week in March, where full is defined as the first day of the week (either Sunday or Monday, depending on how you mark a week) was in March.

  7. Pat Patrick

    I hope that includes the epub version. I’ve been reading it on my Nook and would hate to have to call up the Kindle app just to finish the series, or worse yet, buy the dead tree version.

  8. Casey

    Loved this series!! I read all 6 in just a few days. I can’t wait for the next book!!

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