May News and Update

Hey, quick update. Books 9 and 10 are still coming, I promise. I’m just having the most epic episode of House in terms of trying to figure out what’s going on with my stupid back injury and am currently stumping every doctor and specialist I see (apparently it’s also related/possible made worse by the terrible case of plantar fasciitis I have, sigh). So the writing and editing have been very slow going. I’m also prepping for a huge move (moving 4,991 miles!) which isn’t helping. Once I’m moved, we’re going to make some modifications to my new office which should allow me to work with less pain, but we can’t do much before that since we’re currently getting rid of 90% of our things.

My goal is to have both books released before the move on June 30th, so hopefully I’ll be updating twice at some point in June with a “yay book” post instead of “screw this pain” post.

I thank you all for your continued patience. It sucks to be so far behind my writing schedule (The next projects after 20sided are so cool and I want to share them and I can’t yet because I need to focus on 20sided, grr) and I know it sucks to have to wait so long for books. Thanks for being here and understanding that sometimes life happens while we’re making plans.


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  1. Cynthia Prentice

    No problem, u need to take care of ur back first. Have problems with mine & completely get it…. sucks😾
    Patiently waiting for # 9 & 10. Luv ur books so worth the wait & good luck with the move 👍😻

  2. Amanda T.

    You take care of you. I know this kind of pain, I was pretty much bedridden some years back because of ruptured discs in my cervical spine, I wouldn’t wish that pain on [nearly] anyone. I hope things look up for you, soon! And I hope the doctors start finding answers.

  3. Katherine Stewart

    Moving? I’ll miss you, but hey it sounds like a good thing for you. Take care of yourself, the books will happen and once they do it’s a treasure forever. I won’t die of anticipation in the meantime. 🙂

  4. Stacy

    Thanks for the update. I totally understand you are having health issues but could you please post if you are going to miss the 30 June publication deadline *before* 30 June? Details aren’t needed, just a quick note saying books are still in process and the new estimated date would be really helpful.

  5. Ronald MacQuarrie

    Oh poor lady. I’ve been there for all of that and more: back surgery (avoid it if at all possible), plantar (SUCKS) and neuropathy etc etc. Do take care of yourself please. Treat therapy like your life depends on it cuz it kinda does. At least the quality of life. And get better!

  6. William Weldon

    Speaking as someone who has plantar issues, it sucks when it flares up and yes it can and does cause secondary issues. Find a good pair of shoes that give good support, and I found a bottle of water that is froze if you put that under your foot and roll it back and forth does wonders for helping bring down the inflammation. Good luck

  7. Yak

    Have you tried acupuncture for your back? It has worked wonders for mine, which is a combination of disc and arthritis problems.

    Hope you get well soon!

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