November Update

I know it is November already. Finishing out book 10 and getting final edits done etc is taking a bit longer than planned so I need a couple extra weeks and this is the end of the series so I’m taking all the time I need cause it’s important to me to finish Jade’s story properly. So give me 2-3 weeks before you panic that book 10 isn’t out yet, please 🙂

And I know peeps are sad about the series ending, but please don’t panic about that, either. There will be an epilogue novella showing some stuff after the events of book 10 that will tie into a prequel novella introducing the next series set in the Twenty-Sided world. Plus the very next project on my plate after book 10 is to finish Tribes: Harper’s Tale, which is technically another 20sided book. So I’m not abandoning the world at all and there will be more nerdy, kickass urban fantasy coming.

Because the next series is about Kira, Alek’s sister. Y’all met her briefly in book 6, but just wait til she gets her own stories. It’s going to be a wild ride. 🙂

5 Responses to “November Update”

  1. Sarah

    I’m sad to see Jade’s story end but Kira’s story makes me happy! I knew she was too important and interesting to just fade away…

    • Larry

      Jade’s tale does not end. We just don’t see it yet.
      Elizabeth Moon returned to her characters after more than a decade away.
      Will that happen here? Only time and imagination will tell, but I am hopeful.

  2. Katherine Stewart

    Annie, take all the time you need. I’d rather wait and get the best rather than get something done in haste to appease the masses. You’re worth the wait, and you aren’t a machine!

  3. Ben

    You won’t hear a word of complaint from me. Any decent fan knows that harassing authors doesn’t actually help get books out any faster (not GOOD books, at any rate).

    Are you still planning to write more Gryphonpike books? I really liked those, and I’d love to see Killer’s story continue.

    • Annie

      Yes! I have a full novel trilogy planned to continue Killer’s story.

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