Quick January 2018 Update

I am currently getting books 9 and 10 finished. Still going very slowly because of my back injury, sorry. I really appreciate all the kind messages and how understanding everyone has been. Your support has made the last few months a little easier as I deal with doctors and physical therapy.

The downside is, it’s unlikely I’ll get book 9 uploaded before January ends. The upside is both 9 and 10 will be released in February and I doubt there will be more wait time than three weeks or so between books.  Currently I’m on track for releasing 9 at start of Feb and 10 by the end of Feb. So… not too much longer to wait now.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. I’m hoping that the focus these last few months on recovery and healing will mean I can do a lot more writing and be healthier in the future.


Oh, and if you are dying for a kick-ass Urban Fantasy read… give K.F. Breene’s new series a try. It won’t disappoint, in my opinion. Click here to get Natural Witch (Magical Mayem Book 1) from Amazon!

6 Responses to “Quick January 2018 Update”

  1. Bob Cooper

    G’Day Annie.
    Felt bad for you when I read about your back problems. I know a bit about that. I’m an Army Vet. Living on a 100% disability because the body wore out too soon. Well . . I’ve seen 70 winters on this planet so should say it wore out sooner than I would have liked. Couple~a lower vertebrae are cracked and misaligned. “Tad bit of a bother that”. My body complains more frequently than I would like. I wouldn’t wish that on somebody that hates me much less a nice person such as you {as is shown in what you write}. Hopefully your back problems will be very soon in the past and a distant memory.
    I just finished Jade Crow # 2 and have read several other stand alone books and have enjoyed them immensely. I plan on eventually acquiring the whole series. I have that sneaking suspicion that I will be reading them again later. I appreciate your work creating the novels you write. Will a notation of such on places that have reviews.
    Sooo . . . I hope the Goddess is smiling on you.

  2. Amy

    I hope you are healing well! Health before books, always 🙂

  3. Jackie

    Glad to hear you’re doing better. Don’t worry about us and focus on healing. I know how troublesome back pain is since I have a pinched nerve in my lower back. Just finished reading Dungeon Crawl and so can’t wait to read books 9 and 10 when you’re able to release them. You and Patricia Briggs are my favorite Authors and hope to some day get to meet you in person!

  4. Connie

    Love your books. just finished Dungeon Crawl. I’d gotten the first to way back read them liked them then got busy with life and forgot about them. I found book three or four the other day and started reading. Bells started going off. I’ve read this author. I went back on my kindle and sure enough there it was the first two books. So I had to reread them before moving on. I’ve been devouring the series. Sorry to hear you are not doing well. Hope your better soon. Love your stories.

  5. Christine Padovan

    Hey Annie, sorry to hear about your back injury! Just saw the blurb on Amazon about it. Chat soon about your recent publications! xxx

  6. Renee

    Love your books. Am eagerly awaiting books 9 & 10. I do hope and pray your back heals without any problems. This is a series I will probably read again 🙂

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