Quick Update for August

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Working on Harper’s book still. Hoping to have that out in September, so look for it then. Also finishing up the fifth Gryphonpike Chronicles novella, which will be the last novella-length work in that series. After that I’m planning on a novel (working title: Into the North, pub date mid 2017) to bridge Gryphonpike Chronicles over to the trilogy Gryphonpike Legends which will come in 2018 and likely wrap up Killer’s story.

So… the good news is, more books¬†coming soon! And they’ll be longer!

Bad news is not sure I’ll be ready with anything in August. So hopefully two releases (the last GPC novella- Brood Mother, and Tribes: Harper’s Tale) in September. Then book 8 of 20Sided Sorceress should follow in November. Plus the re-release of the awesome hardcover omnibus edition in October.

Lots of good stuff coming, thanks for your patience! Meanwhile, book 2 in The Twenty-Sided Sorceress is on sale at .99¬†and book 1 is still free, so if you aren’t catching up yet on the series, what you waiting for?

4 Responses to “Quick Update for August”

  1. jennifer

    I received the first book in the twenty sided sorceress free on my kindall app. I am in love with your series. I love the humor and all the friends jade has made. I came here hoping that book 7 wasn’t an end to them. I am glad there’s a book 8 and a book about Harper coming out. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your books.

  2. Christine

    I took a chance on book one when it came up free and I am SO glad it did. I bought the kindle version of all of the 20 Sided Sorceress and now want the hard covers. Looking forward to trying your others series.

  3. sophie

    I absolutely love this series & plug it to my customers (I work in a bookstore) to fans of Jim Butcher & Laurel K. Hamilton. How expansive is the print release going to be?

    • Annie

      It’s coming out through Saga Press, an imprint of Simon and Schuster, so should be available in the United States to pretty much every book store.

      Thanks for the kind words and plugging my book! Word of mouth is how I survive, haha. You rock.

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