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Okay, I finally feel comfortable giving a new release date on book 6. I know it isn’t the date ya’ll want (which would have been yesterday, I know, I know), but I think it is safe to give one now and hopefully having a nice solid date again will alleviate some of the questions/concerns I’m getting!

Thicker Than Blood will be out on November 10th.

Thank you to everyone for your patience on this and your understanding about my health etc. I’m truly sorry for the delays.  I know six months is a long time, especially given the “zomg what!?” ending of book five but thank you for hanging in there with me for Jade’s story to continue.

May all your hits be crits in the meantime!


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  1. Pete Edgerton

    Hi Annie It’s good to get the date and I’m sure it will be worth the wait. Just hope your on the mend. Don’t stress if it slips. Take care keep writing P.

  2. Mary Ann dreiling

    Just wanted you to know I’ve been waiting to read book 5 till I got book 6! And I’m glad you’re feeling better! HEALTH comes first, okay? Just because we’re whining is no reason to do anything other than take care of yourself first! Take care now!

  3. Anna Neil

    Gaming with you is great in your tales, Annie, but only if our favourite dm can be healthy, you!

    Until then, Happy Samhain and Blessed Be!

    Love Anna, aka Arvali Lasyth, elven Warpriestess of Sehanine Moonbow

  4. Joe Shovlin

    Will you still be signing books at Powell’s in Beaverton this month?

    • Annie

      Yes! On the 22nd. I should (fingers crossed) even have copies of book 6 with me. Depending on shipping times etc.

  5. Rob

    All good! Waiting for the next book. Keep up the quality, speed is not important.

  6. Shanise Trimble

    didnt you already give a date? as in july? then august? then sept? at this point i cant believe it but hope its true.

    • Annie

      Illness threw a lot of wrenches in this year. Sorry. I’d rather take time and release a book I’m happy with and wrote while feeling good than release something I don’t feel is 100% my best effort. Thanks for your patience.

  7. Bob Stearns

    Just started Book 5 of the Twenty-Sided Sorceress, so I’m going to quit reading updates before I read stuff I haven’t even read yet. Suffice to say this series has been a refreshing read, and I’m delighted to hear Book 6 will be out in a couple of weeks. Definitely plan on buying the Kindle version of Book 6, and please keep up the great work!

  8. Ariel

    I’m very excited to hear we have a release date! Thank you for keeping us in the loop and for your work involved in creating the books themselves!

  9. Will

    Hang in there! This next chapter in Jade’s saga will be the best yet!

  10. Abe

    As some of the others said, we are waiting, but your health is more important than a release date, focus on getting better, OK!

  11. Jesse

    So I was wondering if the amazon release date was different because I was going to preorder, and I still can’t find it. I started this series about a week ago, and am completely desperate to read more. Help?

    • Annie

      There is no pre-order available for book 6, sorry. However, it will be out this week!

  12. Sam

    Please stop giving release dates if you aren’t going to stick to them. I went on Amazon this morning and it wasn’t there. You do what you need to to get better, but just say the book will be delayed indefinitely instead of giving a list of dates you never keep. Love the books, hating all this cat and mouse with release dates.

    • Annie

      Tiny bit of patience, maybe? It takes anywhere from 2 to 72 hours for a book to go live on the various retail sites. I have zero control over that part, sorry!

      This blog will be updated the moment I have live links. I’ll also be sending a mailing list notification.

      Thank you!

  13. Dan

    Thanks for creating this amazing world you are sharing with us! I also appreciate your blogs that give us a look behind the DM screen into your creation process. I am looking forward to book 6 and I hope many more.

    I hope your savings throws have been successful against illness and you will have a great holiday season.

  14. Bill

    Your reply to Sam was all I was looking for. (Obviously, I’m eager, but as I’m always telling the Project Managers and the Sales folk [who get paid way more than I do}, “Sometimes it’s better to wait until it’s really ready”!)

    The only thing that would make the wait better would be if you could teach me to play D&D. I’m old and in the South, so it’s rather a wasteland. It was the 20-sided Sorceress that peaked my interest after watching a D&D game played — at band camp, no less — in 1980. Tick Tock! That’s the sound of my role-playing chances ticking away!

    Looking forward to the capitalist machine getting its gears — well — in gear, so I can devour the latest!

    • Ryan

      There are more gamers around you in the South than you know. Look for card and hobby shops. If they have some type of membership, chances are they do gaming in a backroom in the evenings and weekends.

  15. Bill Cawthon

    November 10 came; November 10 left without even a pre-order link on Amazon.

    I am not trying to be churlish; there are all sorts of good reasons why you or your publisher miss a date, even without health complications. This is a book, not a magazine where set-in-stone deadlines are imposed by such things as press schedules and mailing dates.

    So maybe it’s time for another status update?

  16. Bruce

    Is it scary or flattering that your readers get angry when your next book hasn’t come out on time?

    • Annie

      Haha, it’s fine. I’m just praying the book goes live any minute now so people can go read it. 🙂

  17. Nicole

    I like many others are as patiently as we can refreshing our ebook stores in hopes of the book suddenly appearing to buy. 🙂 I can’t believe the ass-hats who have no understanding of the process – let alone the inhuman consideration of facing real health problem. I have faced health issues where you don’t know what wrong, the process to find out seems infinitely long and once you finally get answers it turns out to be the beginning of trying to find your place before the health problems showed up.
    I hope you get to the end, I can say you may be a bit different in the end but you’ll have gained an inner strength you didn’t see within yourself. We love your books and I know the wait is worth it.

    Just wanted to point out we aren’t all ass-hats. Can’t wait to read and get a review out there for it to share how awesome you are! 🙂

  18. Tarun Elankath

    I hope you are better health-wise now and all systems are green. This has been one of the more painful waits for a fantasy novel, maybe because it has always been just beyond the corner but never arriving. For our sanity, you could perhaps add 72 hours to the deadline next time.

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