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Harper’s Tale is FUNDED!

Y’all did it! Thank you so much!

What’s next? Well, we still have a week to try to hit a stretch goal or more. First up is a Kickstarter EXCLUSIVE Jade & Alek story which would go to ALL backer levels.

I am so happy right now. It’s been a really rough few years (last year especially) and this just brings joy to me knowing that people still want my work and that I can keep a roof over my head while I ramp up writing again.  You all are the BEST.

If you haven’t backed yet and want to be a part of the magic, this is the place:

It’s Over 9000!

fox with a heart saying thank you

Yes I’ll continue making that joke. Sorry not sorry.

Anyway… Harper’s Tale the Kickstarter is over 90% funded!  Thank you to everyone who has contributed and is helping make this project a success. We’re super close to the most important finish line (though by no means the final line if we don’t want it to be!) and getting this project fully funded so it happens.  I’ve also tweaked the add-ons including a few signed paperbacks, as well as added a couple new levels including one for audiobooks.  So if you have already backed the project, make sure you take a look at your rewards and have them the way you want them, and if you haven’t backed yet… well, what are you waiting for? Even $1 gets us closer to being funded, and $5 gets us closer AND you’ll get to read Harper’s Tale before general release. How cool is that?

Thank you all again. Here’s the link:

Harper’s Tale on Kickstarter!

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, it has been a long, arduous, and nothing like linear recovery from almost dying last year. However, I have good news!  Harper’s Tale is finally in the last bits of writing/editing stages, and I’m running a Kickstarter so you can support the book, maybe make more books in the world of Twenty-Sided Sorceress happen, and get the novel before it releases to the general public (you can also potentially get signed paper editions depending on your backer level).

Why Kickstart the book? Frankly, my recovery has been long, slow, painful, and it has meant not being able to write for nearly a year. I’m back writing again but definitely not 100% (and might never be) the person I used to be.  My immigration and visa status depends on me doing this job, and this job only. I’m not allowed to take up any other work, nor am I allowed to take any benefits or support from the government (including any pandemic help).  Writing is literally what keeps a roof over my head.  Kickstarter will allow me to keep working on cool projects for all of you, while also making sure the support is there for the book (and other books if we hit the stretch goals) and ensuring I keep a roof over our heads.

Thank you all for sticking with me through this wild few years, and especially all the notes of support I got last year. They’ve really helped me keep going.

Please check out the Kickstarter for Harper’s Tale HERE and feel free to tell friends, share the link with everyone you know, and I’ll be back with more news soon.

Tank you!