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Life and Writing Update Autumn 2023

Hi all.  Sorry I’ve been quiet a lot, but a lot has been happening in my life, very little of it good alas.

One good thing however is that we got a cat! After a couple years of negotiating with our landlords, we finally convinced them to let us get a kitty. So please, meet Noodles!  She’s a 14 week old ragdoll/British short hair mix and has utterly captured my heart in the last two weeks.

The other news is that after nearly six months of medical tests, seeing every specialist ever (or so it felt like), and getting progressively worse, I’ve finally been diagnosed with ME/cfs.  I will link some information about it here.  It’s not something that is curable (at the moment! I have hope, I have to have hope) but at least now that I know what is wrong, there are things I can do to help prevent it from getting worse and maybe some treatments for the symptoms.  I’m still learning what my new normal is like and how I’ll be able to continue writing with this illness.

My main focus is Harper’s Tale and getting it ready for public consumption. After the Kickstarter is fulfilled and the book is released, I will likely be putting my main effort into my Patreon since it will allow me to have ongoing support and release small amounts of works in progress and art etc regularly.  I am going to be a slow writer for the forseeable future, there’s no way around it with this disease.  I refuse to stop writing (both for my career and for my mental health, I LOVE writing and I will do whatever I can to keep telling stories), but I recognize that my old ways of working will never work for me again and could actively harm me, so I’m going to find a new balance and a new way.  So if you want to see ongoing work, get chances to vote in on things like character names, see my terrible art, and generally are able to support me in an ongoing way, my Patreon is the place.

I wish I had better news, but it is what it is.  Harper’s Tale should be ready in the next few weeks at least, so there’s a little silver lining.

Thank you all for your patience and support and kind words over the years 💗


Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2023! I am writing again, which is good news.  Also good news for peeps who backed Harper’s Tale Kickstarter, the stretch goal Jade & Alek bonus story is available, so please go check your backer updates for how to get it.

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, don’t despair. There is still a way to support me and get to read the exclusive story! I have a Patreon that I am working on growing and doing more with this year as one of my goals, so it will be a great place to get sneak peeks, early chapters, see what I’m doing on my learning how to make good art journey, etc.  And right now you can get the Kickstarter exclusive 20sided story if you back at the $5 level or higher.  Click HERE to see my Patreon and all the options.  Signing up on a yearly basis gives a small discount too!

Plus I’ve opened up a tier on my Patreon to get a handwritten, cute note from me every month.  Because I love getting mail that isn’t bills or catalog spam, and I figure maybe other people might like it also. There’s no requirement to write me back, but I’m happy if peeps do.  I love stationary and stickers and all things adorable, so I’m hoping I can use that love to bring some joy into supporters’ lives.

So whether you want to just chuck a dollar my way cause you think I’m awesome, or you want to come along on my writing and learning how to make art journeys, or you want to get a nice cheery note from me… my Patreon has options.

In other news, Harper’s Tale will be available after the Kickstarter digital rewards are all fulfilled, so likely sometime in March.  After that I’ll have more news about what I’m working on next and how it is going.

Hope everyone is having a good start to 2023!

Harper’s Tale is FUNDED!

Y’all did it! Thank you so much!

What’s next? Well, we still have a week to try to hit a stretch goal or more. First up is a Kickstarter EXCLUSIVE Jade & Alek story which would go to ALL backer levels.

I am so happy right now. It’s been a really rough few years (last year especially) and this just brings joy to me knowing that people still want my work and that I can keep a roof over my head while I ramp up writing again.  You all are the BEST.

If you haven’t backed yet and want to be a part of the magic, this is the place:

It’s Over 9000!

fox with a heart saying thank you

Yes I’ll continue making that joke. Sorry not sorry.

Anyway… Harper’s Tale the Kickstarter is over 90% funded!  Thank you to everyone who has contributed and is helping make this project a success. We’re super close to the most important finish line (though by no means the final line if we don’t want it to be!) and getting this project fully funded so it happens.  I’ve also tweaked the add-ons including a few signed paperbacks, as well as added a couple new levels including one for audiobooks.  So if you have already backed the project, make sure you take a look at your rewards and have them the way you want them, and if you haven’t backed yet… well, what are you waiting for? Even $1 gets us closer to being funded, and $5 gets us closer AND you’ll get to read Harper’s Tale before general release. How cool is that?

Thank you all again. Here’s the link:

Harper’s Tale on Kickstarter!

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, it has been a long, arduous, and nothing like linear recovery from almost dying last year. However, I have good news!  Harper’s Tale is finally in the last bits of writing/editing stages, and I’m running a Kickstarter so you can support the book, maybe make more books in the world of Twenty-Sided Sorceress happen, and get the novel before it releases to the general public (you can also potentially get signed paper editions depending on your backer level).

Why Kickstart the book? Frankly, my recovery has been long, slow, painful, and it has meant not being able to write for nearly a year. I’m back writing again but definitely not 100% (and might never be) the person I used to be.  My immigration and visa status depends on me doing this job, and this job only. I’m not allowed to take up any other work, nor am I allowed to take any benefits or support from the government (including any pandemic help).  Writing is literally what keeps a roof over my head.  Kickstarter will allow me to keep working on cool projects for all of you, while also making sure the support is there for the book (and other books if we hit the stretch goals) and ensuring I keep a roof over our heads.

Thank you all for sticking with me through this wild few years, and especially all the notes of support I got last year. They’ve really helped me keep going.

Please check out the Kickstarter for Harper’s Tale HERE and feel free to tell friends, share the link with everyone you know, and I’ll be back with more news soon.

Tank you!

Where’s the Book?

Y’all are probably wondering where Harper’s novel is.

The answer… not done. This is the toughest book that I’ve ever attempted for multiple reasons I won’t bore you all with, but I am not going to release it until I’m 100% happy with it. It’s a side novel and working on it won’t delay books 9 and 10 since the story doesn’t relate to those at all except tangentially (it’s purely Harper’s story, after all) so it’ll be done when it is done. I was hoping to release it earlier this month, but again, I’m not happy with the book as it stands and I’m going to re-draft it.

So…that’s the bad news. The good news is that while I’ve been stuck on Harper’s book, I’ve been working on the last two Gryphonpike Chronicles novellas. They are both about 90% right now, just need endings and edits etc so I’m going to release those in early June and that will tie up that series (there will be a full trilogy of novels called Gryphonpike Legends with the same characters out next year, so don’t despair, I’m just finishing up the novella series so we can move on to the novels).

To sum up: Harper’s Tale will be done when it’s done and I can’t make any promises. More GPC novellas coming (two of them!) next month. Books 9 and 10 of 20sided will be out in Sept/October.

Thank you for your patience!

Spring 2017 Update

Here’s a quickie update on what’s hopefully happening this year.

Next book out will be Tribes: Harper’s Tale. I should have it out by end of April or early May, depending on editing time etc.

After that will come Brood Mother (the 5th Gryphonpike Chronicles novella) and then a side novel titled Soft Paw which goes between 20sided books 8 and 9.  There will be one more Gryphonpike Chronicles novella which will wrap up that iteration of the series (a trilogy of novels will come in 2018, beginning Gryphonpike Legends). All of that should carry us well into summer with new releases fairly regularly.

Beyond that, my goal this year is to wrap up The Twenty-Sided Sorceress. There will be two more books, books 9 and 10. They are very tied together in terms of what happens with the story, so I will likely delay the release of book 9 until the fall when I can release book 10 within a month or so of book 9. I don’t want to leave readers on a cliff with a big wait (again, mwahahahaha*cries*).

Ending a series I love so much will be rough, but I have plans for the world beyond that which I’m really excited to explore. There will also be an epilogue for 20sided that will be the prequel of the series to come in the same world.

So I have a ton of plans this year. Health-wise I’m doing much better than I have in three years, so hopefully no derails due to health like in years past. I’m also hoping that after wrapping up 20sided I’ll have a few months to work on the sequel to Avarice and get the Pyrrh books out in the world finally.

So… TLDR is lots of fiction coming for you all in 2017 and I’m excited to be healthier and working regularly again! Cheers.

September Update

Finishing up Harper’s book, Tribes, this week. Which means given time needed for edits and formatting etc, odds are it might not come out exactly in September, sorry. Might be the first or second week of October. The print volumes for the first 4 Twenty-Sided Sorceress books are  out first week of October, so it’ll be like double bonus?  Shiny hardcover 20sided. I am going to hoard ALL the copies.

Tribes has been scary and awesome to write. It’s longer than any 20sided book so far (you peeps asked for longer books, I’m doing my best to deliver while still keeping up action and fast pace that I love so much, hehe), and maybe the nerdiest thing I’ve written, which you know is saying a lot.  I’ve only done a little cosplay, so I had to do tons of research for various characters in this. I did almost lose part of a finger (3 stitches!) to making a bunny fur bikini once, but I’m not great at sewing or crafts unless you count painting D&D minis (and I’m only decent-ish at that). Anyway, enough rambling about a book you can’t read for at least 2 more weeks, sorry!

Brood Mother, the last Gryphonpike Chronicles novella (there will be 4 novels, it isn’t the end of GPC just end of novella length GPC) is basically done but again needs edits etc and I set it aside to work on Tribes.

Dungeon Crawl, Book 8 of 20sided, will be out by Christmas/Holidays. I’m not going to give a harder deadline than that until it is done, for obvious reasons.

Also have a couple other crazy projects in the works that I’ll be excited to announce. Tease? Why yes.

So that’s the September update.