That’s Right. Balancing the Scales is Here!

The wait is over! For real!

Read the final book in The Twenty-Sided Sorceress series:

Get it on Kindle Here.

Get it at iBooks/Apple Here.

Get it at Google Play Here.

Get it at Kobo Here.

Get it at B&N/Nook Here

And if you are sad that this is the final book, don’t be! There is still Harper’s Tale coming at some point this year, plus the next Urban Fantasy series I’m working on is already on pre-order for October and will be featuring Alek’s sister Kira! So you don’t have to leave Jade’s world just yet.  If you want to pre-order Bad Moon on the Rise (Six-gun Shifters book 1) go HERE for Kindle and HERE for iBooks or Kobo or B&N.

Happy Reading!

5 Responses to “That’s Right. Balancing the Scales is Here!”

  1. Uncle Jo


  2. Dennis Walters

    When will the audiobook be available? I have all three rest of them! 🙂

    • Annie

      Soon, hopefully! They were pretty quick about the last couple, so I imagine within a month or two?

  3. Hutch

    Ms. Bellet, in Balancing Scales, you intro’ed a new bigger bad that scares even adversaries who Jade was worried about (non-spoiler enough, I hope?). Are you intending to continue that thread in Kira’s series or is this a ‘the story continues’ sort of ending?

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