Thicker Than Blood

This is not a drill! Book is here!


It is still not quite available at every retailer, but I’ll update the list here with links as they go live.

Right now, you can find it at:



Google Play!




And because my website design is spoilerific, here’s the cover for book 7. I call this book Boss Fight: Samir! in my head. Hehe.

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3 Responses to “Thicker Than Blood”

  1. Liza

    I just finished book 6 and I enjoyed it so much! For some reason I thought book 6 was going to be the last one, though, so now I’m waiting on tenterhooks for book 7.

    P.S. I LOVED the consent bit and the pronoun bit!

  2. Bill Cawthon

    Got Thicker Than Blood; read Thicker Than Blood; reviewed Thicker Than Blood on Amazon. Four stars; knocked off one for brevity and another WTH ending.

    However, the latest “episode” was great and the twists were wonderful. I definitely like the direction Jade is taking and am quite happy that a certain feisty shifter is taking any direction at all.

    Hope your health is improving and look forward to Book 7.

  3. Pete

    Hi Annie thank you for another beautiful book. Take care look after yourself!

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