Twenty-Sided Sorceress Book Six Cover Reveal

First, a note about book five. Yes, there’s a cliffhanger. No, I didn’t warn people about it beforehand because that would kind of ruin the surprise, wouldn’t it?  All I will say about book five is that it is a) the longest book in the series so far no matter how short it might feel due to the events in it and b) is exactly as intended and not half a book.  I’ll reveal now that this part of the Twenty-Sided Sorceress will take seven books, so if all you want to see if Samir and Jade facing off again, read book seven. If you want to see the journey of how these characters become who they become, read all the books.  We couldn’t have Return of the Jedi without also having The Empire Strikes Back happen before it. *grin*

So. Book six. Here are the details. It’ll be out in June, 2015 (not so long a wait to see who is still alive, I promise). It’ll pick up more or less where book five left off, and it is going to feature not just Jade’s, but also two other points of view.

Here is the cover by the fabulous Ravven:

Also, I will add that book 7 will NOT be the end of the series. I have many more stories to tell in this world.  I’ll be adding a few titles about side characters as well. Here’s a special sneak peak at something in the works:

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  1. Dibs

    Just literally finished reading ‘heartache’ & am now out of breathe from shouting nooooooooo! Hubby & a couple of cats came running from the bedroom to find out whether an ambulance was needed (well hubby was ready fir ambulance, kitties wrre just checking if there wad a biscuit problem or a spider to nom)……. Lurved the book, hated the fact it ended.

  2. Tiffany

    Amazing! Cliffhanger aside, I really, really enjoyed it. Such a great concept for a series overall. I love watching Jade come into herself. It’s been a great journey so far and I’m glad it’s not over.

    Happy to hear there will be others as well. I was actually wondering to myself if you’d be writing something else.

    Looking forward to it!

    • Annie

      Thank you. Glad you didn’t mind the cliffhanger. I promise it’ll be worth it in the end. 🙂

  3. Libertarian soldier

    Sad face. Book 3 was so good I immediately bought 4 & 5. Knowing this, I will read 4, leave 5 in the cloud, and consign the series to join two others I also stopped buying when their authors did the same thing.
    I certainly understand an overall story arc stretching over multiple books in a series. But to me there is a huge difference between wanting to buy a book to find out “what happens next” and being “forced” to buy another book to find out “what happened”.
    Good luck.

    • Annie

      Sorry you feel that way. Many stories take a while to tell properly. Thank you for joining Jade’s journey as long as you did.

      • James

        I think you missed the point he was trying to make there, He wasn’t objecting to the story arc much like myself, its a great story and we totally understand the point of taking a while to tell it properly, Personally I feel that the objection was mainly how you chose to just stop and walk away in book 5 that sudden but off after all the effort and work up the readers go through is very unsatisfying.

        • Annie

          I tell the story the way I feel the story has to be told. I realize not all readers will follow along. That’s always a risk, but I’d rather stay true to myself and my art than change something because someone who hasn’t even read it yet might be sad (changes which would likely make someone else unhappy- you can’t please all the people all the time).

          I have had a plan with this series since I started the very first line of the first book. I’m sticking with the story I created and telling it the way I envision.

  4. Tarun

    I only found your blog now. I love this series – discovered it late last year and already finished all the books.

    Book 5 is actually rather good – for the first time Jade doesn’t roflstomp her opponent and struggles, but hey Samir is the big bad and he is going to take some work.

    But I can understand why folks are pissed. It is really a cliff hanger even if you claim it not to be. That feeling of being brought to the edge but not brought over is… well you get what I mean.

    But thanks for writing these books and please don’t be swamped by all the criticism in Amazon. Personally, I will continue to wait to buy and read them

  5. liz

    I love all the books! Don’t listen to anyone’s criticism as your books are tremendous and a small price for such a great story!!! Can’t wait for next one x

  6. Trish

    Fabulous writing! Thank you so much for not spoiling the cliffhanger ahead of time! I was really expecting five to be the last book and it left me screaming! I can’t wait for book six and I have to say arranging it so that they come out close together like you have is the best medicine for the appropriately title heartache! The fact that you are planning to continue to explore this wonderfully eccentric world you have created for this saga once it is completed makes me very happy. I am looking forward to what comes next as well. Thanks for an enchanting story.

  7. James

    Just finished reading book 5, I have to say it’s a great series. That being said I also have to say I am extremely disappointed in how you chose to end book 5, You spent the entire book working up to the final fight with them and Samir only to end it the way you did… Huge disappointment at least in my opinion, I guess it just feels to me like you spent the entire book working us up to the final fight only to just stop and walk away chuckling Very frustrating.

    Just my opinion though I suppose, for what it’s worth.

    • walkzwithwolves

      Face it foreplay doesn’t always end in orgasm. Suck it up buttercup. She is doing a great job and such things cannot be rushed. Take a breath and calm your spirit.

      • James

        Not the best example to use considering we are paying for said “Foreplay” kind of a poor choice of words there and I have as much right to my opinion of the book as everyone else who purchased a copy of it thank you.

        • Annie

          Guys, don’t fight. It’s cool. My delicate sensibilities will survive someone not liking a choice I made as a writer. Be kind to each other! 🙂

          • Davyd

            I love the series and read most books through kendle. I did not realize book had ended until Iliterally saw the end pages. My comments were not pretty but were about your cliff not the book. I anxiously await the next ones. Thank You!!!!

  8. Krystal

    I love this series!!! I actually came to this site looking for info on book 6!! I truly admire the fact that you stay true to yourself and your art. I thank you very much for sharing Jade’s world with us! I am very busy between my kids, husband and school and this fall I’ll be adding work to that list!! I get excited when I know I’m going to be able to make time to read, thank you for creating this wonderful series that I find so much joy getting lost in!!!!!!! Your an amazingly talented individual and I can’t wait to read more from you!!!! All the best!!!!!

  9. Tiffiny

    Loving the series have read books 1 to 5 over the last two days. Nearly screamed when I realised I had to wait til June for book 6 but hey that’s only next month 🙂
    Especially love the Firefly and Buffy and other nerd refs.
    Love Jade’s “Scooby Gang” keep em coming I shall now investigate the rest of your back catalogue until June!

  10. Meg

    Augh! When in June is Book 6? Amazon doesn’t even have it up for preorder.

  11. TJ

    Love the series. Just reread all five books today to celebrate getting the fifth. Dont know if its just me, but there are a lot of blank spaces were words or even whole sentences just wont show up. Other than that the books are great. Keep them coming.

  12. CL

    I really like the book and the whole series so far….
    Regarding having it done a series, I understand your point and you vision for it.. And really appreciate that all the books have stories to tell and something to learn from it that will get you to the series. Being honest I thought that it was going to be the last basically from how the stories were told, but I do understand the need to have more detail in it in order to properly have a closure to story, so thanks for keeping the books interesting.
    Regarding the cliffhanger and all that, in my opinion there is a difference when an author keeps writing a story and when they are just trying to get money out of you. I do think Annie that you a writing a story, so thanks for that, but I do understand that there is a really delicate line between those 2 sides and that people gets worried that you may crossed it and that is basically because we all love the story and don’t want to see it getting lost… That is just my opinion and advise to you, don’t loose the focus or the story itself, so far you have been doing a good work
    To my fellow co readers, there are stories that are meant to be like that, for example you cannot tell Harry potter story without splitting books, so think about that.
    That being said I just want to state that I am person who have read series completely and also have stop reading them because I think is just extended it and extended it… For me the series still have something to tell, so I do appreciate the other book (actually kind of mad that I still have to wait a couple of weeks), but I am also praying for it to be stretch… Right now Annie have already stated that it will be 7 books, so let’s just wait to see how it plays…

  13. Joe

    love the story, until now, You kill off half her friends and have the heroine
    running with her tail between her legs. I feel let down.

    • Annie

      Dark days happen to everyone. Hard to be a real hero if you are never tested, eh? 🙂

  14. Shirley

    Loved all five books came upon them by accident so glad I did am defenetly hooked.Waiting with baited breath for the next amazing instalment.

  15. Tim

    Any update on the publication date – nearly the end of June and still no sign of book six on amazon?

    • Annie

      Book will be out on July 21st. Sorry for the delays but I’ve been sick and want to make sure the book is something I’m happy about first.

  16. Jason

    Love the series so very much! The nerdy humor and the many many references that I’m proud to say I get. It’s such a gripping story that I read the first 5 books in a couple of days, only breaking to sleep! Please keep them coming, you’re amazing!

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