Update 2021

Hi, this is a hard post to write, but I’ve suffered a very serious health issue. I have blood clots in my lungs and part of one lung is dying. The road to recovery is months to years, and I am not entirely sure when I’ll feel well enough to write (currently in so much pain I can’t even read a book right now). I’m letting you all know because it means Harper’s Tale will not be out this month or probably even in May. I’ll try to keep y’all updated when I can start working again.

7 Responses to “Update 2021”

  1. Meg Magruder

    I wish you quick healing. I hope the recovery is uneventful and your pain is managed soon.

  2. robert freeman

    Your health and recovery always comes first. My wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer that is also in her lung so we know what dealing with lung related health issues are like. She spends her time now resting and reading. We greatly enjoyed the 20 sided series and look forward to harpers tail once you are recovered enough to finish. Hopes andPrayers for a speedy recovery.

  3. Katherine M Stewart

    Annie I’m so sorry you are ill, your health comes first. I pray you recover soon.

  4. Cynthia

    So very sorry to hear of your illness. Prayers & positive thoughts coming your way🙏🙏 Stay strong 💕💕

  5. James Yackee

    Take care of yourself and get well at the pace that works best for you. You are in our prayers.

  6. Anna

    Oh no! It fills me with sadness to hear this 🙁 There is just no way to prepare for such catastrophic health events, or to have the right things to say about them.

    This past year, as I’ve been struggling to get back to health after recent cancer treatments, I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It’s a rare congenital disorder that affects the formation of connective tissue, which is basically everywhere in the body. Yes, that does make it a pain in the @$$, as well as the head and shoulders, knees and toes (/em does the toddler dance).

    Sorry about that. I hope I didn’t get that song in your head, too. What I really wanted to share with you is that the last 20-Sided Sorc book was one of the very (very, very…) few novels I’ve been able to read since I’ve been experiencing 24/7 vertigo and an assortment of other wonky neurological symptoms that make it hard to focus. I hope it can bring you some small comfort knowing your books have brought comfort to other chronically ill nerdy folk.

    Sending best wishes and good thoughts to the Netherlands, for all the proper diagnoses and healing treatments to help you regain equilibrium.

  7. Eve

    Sending good wishes your way.

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