Worldcon Briefly

This is the Worldcon overview.  I’ll do a panel/workshop/shoutouts post or three in the days following since I’ve just gotten home, had two hours of sleep, and only want to dump a few thoughts before I crash out in front of netflix and my 450 post RSS feed (apparently the internet keeps going even when I’m not staring at it…).

First impressions upon coming home:

The bad:  I got pretty lonely much of the time.  Apparently I’m not one of those people safely split from my significant other for more than 3-4 days at a time.  7 is too many.  Good to know.  We’ll see what those roaming charges on my phone look like (eek).

The first day (Thurs) was the hardest.  I felt like the new kid entering senior year of high school where it feels like everyone else already knows each other and has plans and things.  Part of that is my own damage, since despite being talkative, I’m really quite shy and have trouble inserting myself into (or staying put in) any situation where I  feel remotely awkward.  People were extremely nice on the whole, but in a “good to meet you, moving along now” sort of way rather than a “hey I’ll stop and chat for a while” sort of way.  It was the first day of the con, and much like the first day of school, it felt like everyone was reaffirming acquaintances and catching up.  Great for them, not so much fun for the new kid.

Friday went much better, the workshop helped break some ice and the panels were some of the best of the whole con.  I ended up braving the parties on Friday, which was a mixed bag of awesome and awkward as well.  Anyway, blah blah blah lonely blah blah blah shy blah blah blah awkward etc…  On to the good before my tired brain runs in a circle of whine.

The good:

People were super nice.  I met two agents and had a lovely time chatting with them.  I met lots of people I didn’t know, a handful of people who I stalk follow online, and the panels were on the whole informative and/or entertaining.  I got a couple things signed (spent a day’s worth of food money on books…sigh), had some entertaining conversations, and (I think?) didn’t make a total ass of myself.  I also came home with mad scribblings of ideas for stories, a good notion of how to rip the guts out of Space Bones, and a new appreciation for how far I’ve come as a writer (it was drilled into me this weekend that getting positive editor comments only a few months into subbing things is a *really* good sign and I should probably just STFU on the whole ‘never gonna sell anything evar!’ rant).

Now. I go collapse.  Montreal is *really* far away when they route you through Vancouver and Calgary…

(Oh, and massive gratz to the Hugo winners.  I’m please that most of the people I voted for won.  Though I silently curse that Metatropolis didn’t… grr)

*note to self, next Worldcon, bring more than 90 dollars to feed yourself for 6 days, please.  Saltines and peanutbutter gets old fast.  (Also, check out the free food in the con suite before Sunday next time…)

2 Responses to “Worldcon Briefly”

  1. Tom Crosshill

    Great to meet you, Nobu. Haha, and yeah, how about that Reed connection.

    Re. loneliness at cons – from what I’ve seen it diminishes over time, although as elsewhere in life there are always going to be a bunch of people far more connected than you. It’s definitely a little hard starting out with few connections. It helps if you’re organized about talking to everyone on your online workshops in advance and arranging to meet up – great way to meet people. You just need to reach a critical mass of friends and acquaintances, so to speak – after that, the process self-perpetuates ;).

    • izanobu

      Thanks Tom! I’m battling the post-con cold from hell at the moment, but I intend to do a post about the good parts too 🙂

      And I definitely wasn’t organized this year, between moving, Alaska, (home for two days) and then Worldcon, I think I stretched myself pretty thin…

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