2010 Recap Addendum

I figured maybe I should post my submission/rejection stats for 2010 as well (all the cool kids are doing it… or something).

So here are the rough totals:

Current Race Score: 41
Current eRace Score: 3

Stories submitted: 34
Novels submitted: 3
Total Rejections: 151
Personal rejections: 93
Stories Sold: 3
Novels Sold: 0
Rewrite requests: 2 (one rejected, one pending)
Stories currently being held for “final” consideration: 4
Full novels out: 1
Writers of the Future results: Q1- HM, Q2- Semi-finalist, Q3- HM, Q4- unknown

So yeah. A ton of rejection, a few sales, lots of personal rejections, some interest in a couple of my novels, and mostly just me needing to get more work done, get better at writing, and get more out. If you count my 2009 totals into the rejections I’m at well over 200. W00t? But at least it is one measure that I’m submitting and writing and submitting more. Hopefully I can double or triple everything (rejections, sales, race scores etc) for 2011.

7 Responses to “2010 Recap Addendum”

  1. L. M. May

    Kudos to you Annie for getting so much done in 2010! I’m rooting for you to sell a novel in 2011, as well as getting into Clarion. Hope to see you at an Oregon Workshop in 2011 too. Happy New Year! Lisa

  2. thomaskcarpenter

    Momentum is a wonderful thing. Nice list, Annie. Especially the personal rejections. That’s an amazing number of them.

    Lisa, are you going to any of the Oregon Workshops in 2011? I’ll be there at the Feb Novel and Denise Little.


  3. L. M. May

    Hey Tom,

    I was originally hoping to go to both the Feb. Denise Little workshop and the April Character voice workshop, but unexpected high medical bills this winter are going to make it so I need to pick only one. So I’ll only be at the April workshop.

    However, if Denise Little is offered in 2012, I’m going to find a way by hook or by crook to go then.

    Cheers, Lisa

  4. Jeff @ Dark Elms

    Wow, what awesome production. Shows me what I can do if I finished more in 2011 than I did in 2010.

    • izanobu

      Yeah, I’m hoping my 2011 will look a hell of a lot better than 2010…

      I’ve almost broken the 400k mark for this year though… must…go…write…

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