2010 Recap

This is the obligatory post where I look at my goals from last year and then see where I stand on them now, a year later.

Goal 1. Write 4 novels and submit them
Well, I have three submitted. So that’s not a total fail. I’m short one novel, but will have it ready by Feb.

Goal 2. Have at least 30 short stories in my folders and keep them out on markets until they sell or have nowhere to go
This is a win. I have over 30 short stories in my folders and have been pretty good about keeping them out until they sell (and some have even sold, crazy!).

Goal 3. Finish everything I start
This is a fail for a couple reasons. I started a Middle Grade novel back in June, got about 12k words into it, and quit. I don’t know if I’ll return to it because I just wasn’t feeling the love with the story. I mean, I like the story, but I wasn’t so keen on that whole “middle grade” thing and kept wanting to do horrible things that young people probably don’t want to read about. So it might turn into a weird novella for e-publishing.
I also decided to work on beginnings this fall and toward that end started a bunch of short stories without finishing them. I will finish them at some point (probably during the story a week challenge next year).

Goal 4. Submit everything I finish
Win. I’ve been crazy good about getting stuff into the mail.

Goal 5. Keep track of receipts and other things for taxes (I was abominable about it this last year, sigh)
Mostly a win. I know I’ve lost track of some receipts and I wasn’t sure about what counted or not for others, but I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping track of the big stuff (putting it all into a spreadsheet soon is going to be scary. I don’t want to think about how much money I’ve spent at the post office and on workshops etc…).

Goal 6. Try writing at least three things outside my genre comforts (mystery, horror, erotica, something…)
Win. I wrote an entire mystery novel, I’ve been messing around with erotica, and I’m about to start a romance novel. I’ve definitely been writing outside the comfort zone.

Goal 7. Keep going, never look back, never surrender and all that
Well, I haven’t given up yet 🙂

Basically, I did pretty well this year. I sold three short stories, got a Semi-finalist in the Writers of the Future contest, learned how to put stuff up on Kindle, and wrote almost 350,000 words. I missed my word count goal by about 100,000 but I ran into snags this year that I couldn’t foresee, so I don’t feel that annoyed. I got a lot done, by any measure. And next year is going to be even bigger. I’m just getting warmed up.

6 Responses to “2010 Recap”

  1. the peeling cheek writer

    Congrats on your accomplishments. You did better than I did. I finished a novel that I had been working on for almost two years and finally started submitting.

  2. Jeff @ Dark Elms

    Great job on 2010.

    Question about taxes. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that you spent more than you earned. So, how does that work? Where can I find out about such things? I know my wife would be very happy to know I could write off Office 2011 for Mac, web site, and the David Farland workshop I’m attending next year.

    • izanobu

      Jeff- you don’t have to make a profit to write off expenses (at least for the first few years). All you need is to keep track of your rejections and your expenses so that you can prove you are working on your business.
      A link (that links to more links) that might be helpful:

      I’m planning on hiring a pro to do my taxes this year and walk me through it so that I understand the schedule C for next year. 🙂

  3. David Barron

    Don’t forget that your eRace point system has been cited by luminaries great and small throughout the internet.

  4. amandamccarter

    You did way better on your goals this past year than I did. Here’s hoping 2011 will be a beautiful year.

  5. thomaskcarpenter

    Hmmm… obligatory goal post. I needs one.

    I predict 2011 will be a good year for all of us. Keep rockin’ the word count. 🙂

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