2017 Wrap-up

Quick update:

I hurt my back while traveling at the end of August and instead of getting better it got worse until it has severely impacted my ability to do anything, sorry.  I am seeing yet another doctor in December, and I think we’ve finally figured out what is wrong, but it is going to take 4-6 weeks to know if treatment/physical therapy is working and likely many more weeks of physical therapy before I’m back to some semblance of normal.

So… writing is going slowly. If you’ve ever been in a lot of pain, you know how unpleasant and difficult it is to do even the most basic tasks, much less keep track of complicated tasks, characters, time-lines, etc.  As always, I won’t release a book I’m not 100% satisfied with.

That said… Book 9 is almost done (but not edited etc yet) and I’ve already written some parts of book 10 (it follows closely on book 9’s events). So my plan at the moment is to finish both books before the end of the year, and then release them in January fairly close together (depending on edit time needed etc).

I’ve got a lot of plans for next year, but of course my health is always the limitation on my life plans. It sucks, but it’s my reality and I’m trying to work through it as best I can. My hope is that I can stay illness and injury free next year and bring you all a lot of kick-ass books because this book-a-year pace makes me sad. I have far too many ideas to get out before I die and I want to write them all NOW, damnit.

The TLDR: bad news- I’m hurt and work is going slowly due to that, sorry.  Good news- books 9 and 10 should release in the same month so you won’t have to wait nearly a year for the end of Jade Crow’s story.


(also, I’m planning a novella epilogue for Jade and another novella prequel for Kira’s series. I’ll be doing a cover reveal for Kira’s series in February as well and trust me, these covers are knock-your-socks-off awesome)

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  2. Shana Pare

    You have my total sympathies. I live with severe pain in my back and fibromyalgia. It’s absolutely no fun, so my best advice is to take things slowly and carefully. I know I would far rather see more books eventually instead of never!

  3. Sarah

    I think we would rather you not LITERALLY destroy yourself to make us happy (that and bad backs run in the family so I understand the pain…)

  4. Holly

    Thanks for keeping us updated! Prayers for a speedy recovery. My husband and I love your books and have been anxiously awaiting the next!

  5. Margaret Cashman

    I’m sure I speak for all your fans when I say your health is more important then anything.. however we all thank you for your time,effort, energy,creativeness, that it takes to write each book that you’ve done . I’m truly sorry to hear about the back problems you are suffering with I’ve had two surgeries myself I understand the pain I do hope that it gets better for you may God bless and heal you back to a speedy recovery

  6. Kathy Barber Doyle

    So sorry you hurt your back!! Been there and done that. It has stayed with me (a bulging disc) for for over 30 years and I can totally relate to your suffering. Please take care and get the best doctor care you can! Rest and don’t push yourself. We, as readers, want only the best for our authors! Heal up and only write when your up to it. We can wait, chew nails, pace etc., until your ready to offer your next books! 📚❤️

  7. Malaika

    I’m so very sorry that you have to deal with such a painful and difficult injury. I hope that it heals even faster than you expect. Don’t worry, we’ll still be here when it does.

  8. Richard Shields

    As with the other readers and supporters, it it better if you get well than try and push yourself too hard. If typing is painful, have you considered a program like Dragon for voice to text?

    • Annie

      I’ve tried dictation, but my brain doesn’t like it. I don’t think anyone would want to read what comes out, haha. I do best when I’m typing, thanks.

  9. Val

    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May your recovery go well, one day at a time. Your an awesome writer with great stories, thank you for creating them, and sharing them with us. One of my favorite characters to play in D&D is a Warmage. Awesome game. Paper, pencil, dices, and imagination.

  10. Claudia Vazquez

    Hi Annie, Just read you for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading more. So terribly sorry to hear about your back, I have suffered with a recurring spasm (due to a terrible car accident 21 yrs ago) that affects my entire back. I have good moments and bad, try to give yourself the time to heal when needed, otherwise you’ll only make yourself worse.. speaking from experience. Like your other fans, would like to see more of your stories in the future than none at all. Wishing you a speedy recovery. 😊

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