Anticipating Anticipation (Worldcon)

I’ve been getting zero writing done due to moving and now to travel plans.  First Alaska, then I’m home for two days and finally off to Worldcon in Montreal.

I’m super nervous about Worldcon.  I know absolutely no one going, I’ll be totally alone.  I’m not so worried about the travel part of it since I survived traveling in Europe by myself no problem.  I’m just not sure what to expect and what will happen while I’m there.  I’m also slightly sad because this will be the longest my husband and I have been apart, pathetic as that sounds (sigh).  I know I’m probably freaking out about nothing and that once I’m there I’ll be fine.  There will be things to do and probably people to talk to.   But I can’t seem to help being a little nervous.  I’d unrealistically hoped to have sold a story or two by now so I’d at least be a SFWA member and have an icebreaker that way, but I likely should have started subbing to markets before Feb of this year if I’d truly wanted that to come about from the real world standpoint.  Oh well.

I’m going to take Kim Stanley Robinson’s advice and just go and enjoy myself (I had the good fortune to be able to talk to him about Worldcon this last Spring).  And bring a notebook.

I also have little simple business/calling cards now.  They’re very basic with name, email, link to this blog etc…  I wasn’t sure what to put as the title part, so I just went with writer and editor.  I’ve actually been paid to edit things professionally (unlike writing fiction so far…sigh) so I figured I should put that on the card.  But since I’m writing full time I added that anyway.   Someday I’ll be able to change that to “Author”.  Someday.

Speaking of that ‘someday’, I have a story into the workshop at Worldcon.  It just came back with a rejection, though again a nice one.  I’m close, I can feel it.  I haven’t gotten a form letter for the last seven or so rejections, however, they are still rejections.   I also have two stories that seem to be in serious contention for publication and are being held for “further consideration” whatever that might actually mean.  I suppose for 6 months of submitting, this is good progress.  It feels slow sometimes and whenever I talk to my family I get frustrated because they don’t seem to understand that a writing career can and likely will take years until it’s paying at all and likely will never pay all our bills, ever.

I don’t know.  I think I’m just at a slump.  Once I get home from Alaska and Worldcon I’ll dig into Chwedl.  I always feel better when I’m writing.  Maybe I’ll take a notebook on the boat in Alaska and do a short story or two.  I’ll have nothing but time, after all.  Time to worry about Worldcon.

5 Responses to “Anticipating Anticipation (Worldcon)”

  1. Cheryl

    I’m going to be crazy busy at Worldcon, so I won’t say “come and say hello” just in case you encounter a distracted whirlwind. But there will be plenty of friendly people there. Welcome. I hope you have a great time.

  2. Karma Doc

    Take the time to enjoy Worldcon and record all you see and hear. I know you will do fine.

    Take each rejection as a lesson to help make your writing better.


    • izanobu

      Thanks, Burl. I’ll take notes. And yeah, I know I’m nowhere near enough rejections to be complaining yet, hehe.

  3. crotchetyoldfan

    It’s been a while since my last worldcon, but: no reason to be nervous. Most folks are going there to share, talk and experience, so no formal icebreakers needed. Attend a panel and talk to the folks next to you; visit the art show and comment to someone looking at the same illustration; overhear an interesting conversation in the lobby and ask if you can join in; visit the consuite and hang out.
    Have fun!

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