At Least Now I Can Stop Counting

Rejections 99 and 100 came today.  One personal, one form letter (on a third of a sheet of paper, I admire the thriftiness). *grin*

Time to plan the party.  At least, as the subject says, I can stop counting now until I think I might be close to 200, or 500.  We’ll see.  It’s just easier to not keep track.

Time to get another story into the mail. Can’t lose my race score points.

5 Responses to “At Least Now I Can Stop Counting”

  1. Jeff Baerveldt

    Two weeks ago I started a story-a-week challenge. On Saturday, when I send out story #3 to WRITERS OF THE FUTURE, that’ll make my race score 3.

    It seems rather silly, but I suppose I have to start somewhere.

    So: What is YOUR race score?

    BTW, nice blog.

    • izanobu

      Hey Jeff, that’s not silly at all! Keep it up 🙂

      My race score is at 35 at the moment (27 shorts, 1 novel full). If I complete everything I hope to this year, it’ll wind up between 69 and 104 (depending on if I get full novel requests or not).

      Thanks 🙂


  2. Alex J. Kane

    35. Wow. Mine’ll be at 8 within the next week. Once I get rid of some spider dialogue. Hehe. The ending to my Q3 story is coming along rather nicely; it’s at least 300 times better than the crap ending the first draft had. I sent Clarkesworld a slightly shortened draft in hopes of it getting a personalized rejection, but no such luck.

    • izanobu

      Well, for what it is worth, I’ve never gotten a personal rejection from Clarkesworld. The closest I’ve gotten to hope from that market was the one time they took almost two weeks to reject me. 🙂

      8 is good! Keep writing!

  3. Jeff Baerveldt

    I suppose you’re right. 3 points in 3 weeks isn’t bad. A story a week will put me somewhere around 50 after a year of work, depending on if anything sells.

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