Bad News

Thicker Than Blood is going to be delayed until July 21st.

I’m sorry, peeps. I know how much you all want to read this book (and it’s my favorite that I’ve done so far, so trust me, you really do), but I’ve been really sick all month and the book isn’t ready. I refuse to release something I’m not 100% confident in, so please have patience. Life happens, and I’d rather take a couple extra weeks with my betas and editors to make sure this book is everything I know it can be.

Thank you for understanding.

5 Responses to “Bad News”


    The series 20 Sided Sorceress is absolutely amazing! I’m gobbling them up quickly! Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading them and that as an author you really ROCK IT!!

  2. Salrissa Jenkins

    IMHO, quality is always worth waiting for – thanks for the wonderful series! If only the last book hadn’t finished on a cliff-hanger so the slippage wasn’t at annoyance.

  3. Kristen

    ;( but I understand and I’m in the middle of rereading another favorite urban fantasy series so I can wait a bit more…
    Hopefully July is a better month for you 🙂

  4. Athena Reed

    We want you full up on health an mana so you can kick proper book navigating butt. Those of us who love your writing ( and are currently in gamer glorified love with your girl Jade & Co) know you are both worth the wait. So never worry your band of mismatched followers will not waiver so easily!!!

  5. Sebastien

    I just discovered the series and being a very fast reader finished the 5 books in about a day. I just have to say the idea being is fantastic and my only wish would have been to be a slower reader so as to enjoy them for longer time.
    That cliffhanger on book 5 is a total heartbreaking and nerve wreaking thing though… I really hope to have an happy surprise about it in book 6 I will surely buy as soon as possible.

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