By the Way

My story “Insect Effect” is up in the Autumn issue of Contrary magazine, you can read it here.

I’m nearly done with my thriller novel, so things will be quiet for the next few days while I make a final push on it and hopefully find time to edit for my dyslexia before sending it out to first readers and for the workshop.

I’ll be back with a post or two whenever I finish.  Until then… so long, Internets 🙂

3 Responses to “By the Way”

  1. Thomas K Carpenter

    Ahh.. now I know why you haven’t sent me the rest of the novel. It’s not done yet!

    Good job with the first fifty, I knew I was hooked when she was headed to the second house and I was yelling in my head “No, don’t go there!”

    • izanobu

      yeah, sorry 🙁 I’ll send as soon as I get it done and/or Thursday evening, whichever comes first.

      I just lost a few hours of work though, so who knows how much novel I’ll have by Thursday at this rate. Grr.

  2. Thomas K Carpenter

    No worries. I’m actually on vacation this week, so I’m not at home to check my email. 🙂

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