Chwedl Status: DONE

I intend to write up a nice long and thoughtful post about the process of writing this novel.

Since I just finished it in one marathon session, I think that post can wait.


Done.  Too short, probably a hideous mess that no one will ever want to read, but done.  Done.

Hey, there’s a reason they call it a rough draft, and that editing was invented.

But hey. Done.

3 Responses to “Chwedl Status: DONE”

  1. osomuerte

    Congratz. Finishing a novel — even a first draft — is quite an accomplishment. Enjoy the feeling for a little while.

    You might want to write another story before attacking the editing, to freshen your perspective.

    Congratz again.

    • izanobu

      Thanks, Oso 🙂

      This is technically my second novel, but the first one I feel somewhat confident might someday have a chance.

      And I’m definitely taking a month or two off before looking at it again. I’ll let my first readers have that dubious pleasure.

      Besides, I really have to get cracking on some shorter stories to submit to the workshops this year, since everyone seems to want thing under 4k words. Grr.

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