Clarion Funding Part Deux

All right. A couple weeks ago my awesome blog readers chimed in with funding ideas for how to get me to Clarion.  I then hung out in limbo waiting to see how much (if any) scholarship monies I might get and to find out what my final bill is.  In that time I’ve been putting together some plans for how to raise money that now I get to put into motion.

Limbo is over.  The bill is in and my life becomes like the plot of a bad TV movie. *movie voice-over voice* One girl. A dream. A career-changing experience. 2 weeks. 4,107 dollars.

(Of course, if this were a bad TV movie, some guy named Bruno or Hutch or Segei would come break my legs if I didn’t come up with the money, so I’m a step up on that one I guess).

In the immediate short term, I will probably have to take out a loan or something to that effect.  Which would cure the initial issue, but won’t cure the whole “don’t actually have the money” problem since loans have to get paid back.

So, initially what can be done to help are these things:

Buy my books! I have a fantasy novel which was professionally edited and is pretty darn good.  You can find the information for it here:  A Heart in Sun and Shadow.  If I sell 1300 copies of that, I’m golden.

I also have a science fiction short story collection which contains mostly stories that got honorable mentions in the Writers of the Future contest.  And I have a near-future science fiction novelette/novella (14,000 words) that also got an honorable mention in the contest.  If I sell about 2000 copies of those, I’m golden as well.

If you’ve bought my books or they don’t look like your cup of tea, a boost in my signal would be appreciated.  Maybe a friend reads this sort of thing?  Please though, don’t spam on my behalf.  Annoying people will not make them want to help me (which is why this blog post and the one on my Kickstarter project will likely be the only mention I make about this besides a Thank You! follow-up if/when I hit my goal)

I will also be starting Kickstarter project, mostly likely involving making a book out of my Clarion stories (the ones I’m going to write while there) and perhaps some extras.  I will make a separate post when that happens.

To everyone who has boosted my signal already, or offered up ideas, or bought my books, you have my sincere thanks.  With your help, I’m closer to my goal of going to Clarion than I would have been without it.  Thank you for your support 🙂

7 Responses to “Clarion Funding Part Deux”

  1. Melanie R. Meadors

    Oh, good luck!! Clarion has always been a dream of mine… but it’s a lot of money. Not to mention that as a stay-at-home mom, there are some logistics issues for me as well! Best of luck to you raising funds. I’m going to put out the word in my circle about your books 🙂

  2. amkuska

    I admire your bravery. I don’t think I’d have the guts to take out a loan without a firm way of repaying it. Best of luck to you!

    • izanobu

      Well, the loan option is off the table due to my husband getting laid off today.

      But I’ve got some other ideas. We’ll see…

    • izanobu

      And we did have a firm way of repaying it before, btw. I would never take out a loan without being able to make payments (and pay it off early if possible). Generally, we live a debt-free life. I hate debt. So not sure where this whole “no firm way to repay” came from. I would have made the payments, same as any loan… (it was just a potential way of getting the lump sum quickly.)

      • amkuska

        No firm way of repaying it came from:

        “Which would cure the initial issue, but won’t cure the whole “don’t actually have the money” problem since loans have to get paid back.”

        Sorry for the confusion!

  3. Melanie R. Meadors

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s job! I hope he finds something else soon. So many of my friends and family are being affected by lay offs, ugh.


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