Days Like These

Finally started a new short story, one of three I intend to write this month.  It’s going to be a bit of a challenge because I’m trying to keep it under 4k words and write about two star-crossed lovers on a dying Earth who happen to be teenaged boys.  It’s different, but I feel like writing a love story.  It will get me back in the mood to work on Chwedl, or something.

To write the beginning I ended up watching rocket take-offs on youtube.  For research. Really.

And people wonder why I choose to write science fiction and fantasy? Heh.

Now to find that awesome article in one of my Analogs’ about lunar bases and space stations.  And figure out how I want this story to end.

One Response to “Days Like These”

  1. Karma Doc

    Short stories? Wonderful!

    A short story is always how all my longer projects get started. Although I have to admit that I have far more short stories than the longer version.

    I hope that school is going well for you… remember when the going gets tough, the tough write.

    LOL… Burl

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