First E-published Novel

I took the plunge fully now.  My first full novel is available as an e-book (Amazon doesn’t have the buy button up yet for some reason, but that should fix itself in a day or two hopefully).


In an ancient Wales that never was…

The twin brothers Emyr and Idrys are cursed to live as hounds; Emyr by night, and Idrys by day.  The twins believe they will be trapped this way forever until they meet the fierce and curious Áine, a changeling woman born with fey blood and gifts struggling to fit into a suspicious human world.
Áine unravels the fate of Emyr and his twin as all three of them fall in love.  To free her lovers from the curse, she embarks on a journey to the realm of the fey where she confronts her own unique gifts and heritage. Ultimately, she must decide where her heart truly lies and what she’s willing to risk to get what she desires most.

The novel is only 4.95 and is available for Kindle , for Kindle: UKNook, and at Smashwords (and 50% off there until the 12th of March).  The print version will be available soonish.

If anyone wants a review copy, please let me know!  izanobu AT gmail.  Thanks.  This is exciting and scary all at once!

9 Responses to “First E-published Novel”

  1. A.R. Williams

    Congrats! You’re starting to get a nice stable of stories up, I wish you the best of luck with them 🙂

    • izanobu

      Thanks, AR. I only have three things up (6 if you count the tester literary stories), so I’m just getting started 🙂

  2. Madison Leigh

    Good luck, Annie! I just found your blog, very good reading. I especially like your idea notebook idea :).

  3. D.M.Bonanno

    Love the cover! Good luck!

  4. Megs

    Have you thought of submitting to The Self-Publishing Review? Sure, she’s backlogged, but she’s got an audience.

    • izanobu

      Sure, I’ll do that. Thanks. I have sent some copies out for review. Her “15 mistakes then I stop” policy is interesting. My novel was professionally copyedited, so hopefully there are fewer than 15 in there 🙂

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