June Summary and Other News

I didn’t keep great stats for June, but here goes the quickie version:

Ebooks sold: 87

Words written: 18,654

Stories sold: 2

Monies earned: 1959.17 (most from Kickstarter project)

So, in other news:

Clarion is awesome so far.  We have a really nice group here and everyone is super interesting.  This has led to me getting precious little writing done (about 12k words the first week, only 8.5k that I kept.)  I am going to be better about carving out writing time next week, I swear.  I’m learning lots (got a whole novel outlined using an exercise that Nina Hoffman did with us) and having a good time so far.

I also sold a story to Daily Science Fiction which means that come September when I think DSF has their first anniversary,  I should be SFWA qualified.  That’s a nice milestone and I’m pleased to have done it in less than two and a half years.  I’ve also sold half the stories I’ve written this year, so I hope it is a sign that my skill levels are rising.

Anyway, need to go read and do some stuff for tomorrow.  I will probably be pretty absent from the blog due to Clarion.  Must get up to antics and such, you know.

4 Responses to “June Summary and Other News”

  1. Thomas K. Carpenter

    How was your breakdown between novels and shorts?

  2. thomaskcarpenter

    That’s about the same rate I’m seeing. I had eleven total novel sales for my two books. But it’s as expected. I’m really not going to try any marketing tricks until next year when I have ten books up. No reason have a book take off when I only have a few up to take advantage of it.

    Unfortunately that marathon analogy is too true and we’re only around mile three. To mix my metaphors here and to take a line from Finding Nemo: “Just keep swimming…just keep swimming…” ;p

    Hope you’re having fun at Clarion! You’ll have to regale us with stories later about how Scalzi beat you senseless with a #2 pencil, or something like that. 🙂


    • izanobu

      Make that 6 since I also apparently sold a paper copy of my novel 🙂 But I think the over all (slow) growth of my sales in general is a good sign. I just have the one novel, so making nearly 90 sales with just a few short stories and a couple collections makes me happy and optimistic for when I have a pile of novels (which supposedly sell well) out.

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