I have website!

My official Annie Bellet website is now live.  There are still some tweaks happening, and content will be added, but the basics are in place (including an awesome header image by my friend Greg).  Go HERE to visit.

The official Pyrrh Project website (my soon to be here e-pub series put out through Doomed Muse press) is also live.  There isn’t much content yet, but it’s being tweaked and produced and there will be more stuff added to that site as well over the coming months.  But the publication schedule is up, at least.  Go HERE and bookmark it so you don’t miss any announcements/freebies etc.

That’s that for now.

7 Responses to “Link SMASH!”

  1. Jeff

    Awesome! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the banner.

  2. thomaskcarpenter

    Yeah. Sweet banner. Where’d you get it at?

    • izanobu

      Same friend who did my ebook covers 🙂 He’s awesome. I’d be trying to drive more business his way, but his current situation prevents him contractually from doing paid work at the moment.

  3. Marina J. Lostetter

    You are just bound and determined to take up as much space as possible on my favorites bar, aren’t you?

    I third the awesomeness of that banner.

  4. A.R. Williams

    The site looks good 🙂

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