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So I’ve been thinking of ways to make sure I keep this blog updated and maybe actually interesting from time to time.  One idea I had was to maybe do interviews of my fellow neo-pro writers.  I know that I’m always curious about other people’s goals and paths.  So if anyone wants to get interviewed, let me know.

Likewise, I should really do some blog updating and get my links section in full working order.  So if you want to exchange links with me (either directly here or and I’m not linked to you, please let me know. (This is also my nefarious plan to find more blogs to read, clearly).

So… are you a writer? Want to be interviewed?  my email is izanobu  AT  gmail  DOT  com.  Put either “writer link” or “writer interview” in the subject so hopefully you won’t get spam-foldered.

So yeah, that’s it.  If anyone takes me up on the interviews I’ll probably do them with questions via email and then do a monthly or bi-monthly post or something (depending on how many peeps take me up on this).

2 Responses to “Links and Interviews”

  1. Scott W. Baker

    I’d be happy to be interviewed. Obviously WotF experience would be my main contribution. Though Brad Torgersen is so hot now with Analog, he’d be a good one for you.

    Honestly, I bet specific invites would be accepted. General open requests leave the whole “why would anyone want to interview me” thing floating in the air and you get few or uninspiring replies.

    You could also have a panel of neo-pros and ask them all the same questions to get various responses. That might prove more useful than interviews of individuals with only a few semi-pro sales.

    Just thinking out loud. I like the idea. I’ve been tempted to wander into interview world, but thus far I have resisted temptation with minimal difficulty.

    • izanobu

      Yeah, I’ll probably nudge Brad as well as some others. But I figured I’d throw the idea out there. Us neo-pros don’t get enough love sometimes 🙂

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