March in Summary

This month was terrible for writing.  Terrible.  Good things happened (like getting accepted to Clarion) but in general, I failed it hard.  The high point besides Clarion is that I’m selling more and more ebooks every month.

Here are my pathetic stats:

Words written: 21,648

Stories sold: 0

Stories finished: 1 (and a few starts)

Novels finished: 0 (almost one! Soon!)

E-books money earned: 42.86 (almost double last month, yay!)

New e-book projects finished and released: 1

So that’s that for the month. April will be better.  I have three romance novellas to write, a handful of short stories to finish, and a week-long intensive workshop on Character Voice to attend (that’s going to kick my butt, but everyone who has taken it says that it pushed their fiction to a whole new level and that’s what I’m always looking to do).

9 Responses to “March in Summary”

  1. A.M. Kuska

    20,000 is pathetic? O.O You must challenge yourself to NaNoWriMo every month.

    • izanobu

      No… my goal is 100,000 words every month. I usually hit somewhere in the 65-75k range though.

      Nanowrimo is too slow for me 😛

  2. Jeff Ambrose

    The workshop on Character Voice? Is that with Dean and Kris?

    • izanobu

      Yep. So far people who have taken it say it’s tougher than the Master Class. I’m looking forward to it 🙂

      • Jeff Ambrose

        Let me know how it is. I really really want to go to one of Dean and Kris’s workshops next year, and I’m thinking that might be the one for me.

      • izanobu

        I don’t think they are going to do Char Voice again, Jeff. One can hope they will, but Dean’s said this is the last one cause there just isn’t enough interest in it (which boggles me, but he had to cancel the Sept workshop because only like 3 of us were signed up)…

      • Jeff Ambrose

        Well if that’s the case (and really hope it isn’t!) then … can I borrow your notes? 🙂 (that’s only half a joke!)

  3. Thomas K. Carpenter

    For shame, Annie! I beat you on word count this month. That should never happen. 🙂

    I’m sure this month you’ll kick it into high gear, put out 80k words and leave me in the dust.

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