May Update

Hi. We’re here. In May. Yep.  Basically the short version is: I’m still dealing with mystery back/butt injury that might be a neurological problem and living in pain isn’t fun or productive. Also developed some fun new symptoms in the last few months so I’ve been living on like 3 hours of sleep average a night. I won’t bore y’all with personal details.  But 20sided book 10 is nearly done I just can’t give firm date cause I’m working whenever I’m able and I refuse to release this book without it being exactly the book I want.  So I’ll say in the next couple weeks but it might be a little longer. I dunno. I’m working on it.

Meanwhile, if you are desperate for more fiction, I’ve started a Patreon (mostly to grandfather into the old rates, there’s not much happening yet) and there are some posts and stories up there for the early adopters. After I finish Balancing the Scales (and hopefully after we hit the main goal), there will be new stuff and if you join up, you can have a say in things like what I work on next, character names, etc…  So check it out:  (the Patreon is especially for you if you want more Gryphonpike or Pyrrh, cause the whole point of it is to see if peeps want me to finish the older, neglected series etc)


Anyway, seriously I want to thank all of you for your epic patience. Hopefully I can deliver the best birthday present (ie a finished, kick-ass book) for May (my bday is May 12th so I’m hardcore aiming for before that for release date, but we’ll see).

5 Responses to “May Update”

  1. Cynthia

    Sorry to hear you r still having issues with ur back😥 will patiently wait for u😻 my bday is May 16…happy early Bday from another Taurus😸 Wishing u a pain free year 😻

  2. Cherish

    I feel your pain. I still deal with my spinal injury. I am sending you good vibes and I am so looking forward to this book, but its sad too because I love these characters… I hope you get well soon!

  3. Daniel

    Happy Birthday!

    • Annie

      Thank you!

      (sorry the book isn’t out yet, still working on that, sigh)

  4. Debby

    First of all, I have to say you have been put on my fav author short list. I am really enjoying 20 Sided Sorceress. Then, hang in there! After minor lower back and tailbone problems went major when rearended by 2 cars. A handful of epidurals, and countless trips to VA pain clinic we finally found a combo of exercise and pain killers that worked without making me feel like a veggie. I pray your road is quicker, and more sure, to relief. Don’t give in.

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