New Keyboard!

Due to wrist/tendon pain, I’ve taken a couple days off writing (oh noes!). But now, thanks to my many and awesome writer buddies, I’ve adjusted my desk, adjusted my chair, gotten wrist braces, and have a brand new keyboard due to arrive on Friday.

So hopefully that will end the pain, because while I’ve proven to myself that I can write through the pain (Over 50,000 words this month, which took some doing 20-30 mins of writing at a time, sigh), I’m not all that fond of pain and it really makes the fun part (telling the damn story) a lot less fun. I’ll let you all know at the end of next week how the new set-up and stuff is going. Hopefully solving this new issue will mean unparalleled personal productivity, or at least a couple novels finished by the end of the year.

Speaking of productivity and finishing novels, Kevin J Anderson put up an amazing and blunt post about writing and putting in the time. I recommend anyone who is still stuck in the “writing slow or writing less = better” mindset go read his post (or really, anyone who wants to be a pro writer should read this post). From everything I’ve read and seen, those writers who treat writing the same way you’d treat any business and day-job tend to do the best and stay publishing consistently.  This is why I’m following the path I’ve chosen and why I (try to) put in consistent hours of writing and treat my writing the way I’d treat starting up a small business.

Writing for a living, and a very good living, is totally possible.  But it is work 🙂

3 Responses to “New Keyboard!”

  1. David Barron

    I should get a desk, and a desktop. And a permanent address to keep them at. Man…

    Loved that article, though.

  2. Ben Godby

    Sounds like a nice setup. I’ve been writing hunched over on a kitchen chair on a netbook for two years. No terrible afflictions yet. Fingers crossed…

  3. Jeff @ Dark Elms

    I write on a MacBook (yes, I’m snob) wherever I want. Sometimes at a desk. Sometimes cross legged in a chair. Or on a couch. I just found out that Brandon Sanderson writes in a beanbag (he uses a laptop, but not a Mac) with his feet up on the hearth . . . which is something I wouldn’t mind trying (even though we don’t have a hearth).

    Still, wrist pain is something I’ve dealt with in the past. My laptop has helped A LOT . . . and I found when I need to use the mouse a lot — such as when I’m making an ebook cover — then using an actual mouse as opposed to the mousepad saves me much pain.

    Hope it all works out for you.

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