Overdrive! Progress Meter!

Hey, I solved a problem with my novel (the first one in the doom writing drive of doom).  But that problem that I solved? It means more words (which is good, the novel was going to be too short to market).

So here we go. I’ll update this post instead of spamming my blog with meters.  So check back to see how screwed I am *grin*

Goal is 155,000 words by September 10th.


74459 / 155000

7 Responses to “Overdrive! Progress Meter!”

  1. Amanda McCarter

    You will get there! And if by some strange chance you don’t, take pride in the fact that your output is absolutely amazing!

  2. fox

    Go Go Gadget Wordsmith!

  3. Marina J. Lostetter

    Nobu, Nobu, she’s our gal, she can do it, but I don’t know how! Hmm, that cheer wasn’t quite as positive as I was aiming for. The point is: you can do it!

    • izanobu

      It starts with 24 ounces of lo-carb Monster. Then repeat, day after day after day. It also probably ends there 😉

  4. thomaskcarpenter

    That lo-carb Monster drink is our energy drink of choice around here. For writing go-go juice, or an all night gaming session, you can’t go wrong. Though I have found that three of those bad-boys in an evening can make for strange dreams.

    Anyway… keep it up!

  5. Dawn

    Actually, I’ve started popping Vitamin B complex for energy. 😉 I must ask though, what market are you writing for that you need 155k? 🙂 Good luck with the writing! Go go go!

    • izanobu

      The 155k is for 2 novels, not one (that would be a long novel!). I should really update that progress bar, too.


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