Quickie Update Again

Hey, I’m in the middle of finishing up my Writers of the Future Q2 story and putting the last couple of chapters of the first Pyrrh novel together. So that’s why it has been quiet around here.

There will be more Clarion news soon, I’m working on a couple projects that I’ll be offering up to help fund my crazy workshop adventures.  Until then, I leave you with an interview about my fantasy novel A Heart in Sun and Shadow by the awesome David Wiseheart and his Kindle Authors blog:  Find the interview here.

So…more later this week. Meanwhile, back to work!

2 Responses to “Quickie Update Again”

  1. A.M. Kuska

    Best of luck to you! I got an honorable mention last WotF round, so there is hope@

    • izanobu

      I get Hms every time around 😛 (well, except the one time I got a semi-finalist spot instead, but that was a fluke…). I’m probably going to get HM until I pro-out 😛

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