Sci/fi Short Story Collection

My  science fiction short story collection “The Spacer’s Blade and Other Stories” is up for sale now.  It has three short stories (two of which earned Honorable Mentions in the Writer’s of the Future contest) and a novelette (which also got an HM).  It’s available for Kindle, Nook, and pretty much every other ebook format.

Here’s the cover:


4 Responses to “Sci/fi Short Story Collection”

  1. Scott W. Baker

    Nice job getting that out. And great cover! Who did the art?

    • izanobu

      A friend of mine does my covers (this one with help from stock pictures purchased off I think). I’ll pass along your complement 🙂

  2. Thomas K. Carpenter

    Nice job, Annie. I purchased it for my Kindle last night and read the first story. I’ll read the others and post a review on Kindle for you. 🙂

    Which ones earned the HMs and which didn’t?

    • izanobu

      The last story, “Slingshot” was never submitted to the contest. It did get some “almost” rejections though, so I figured I’d toss it in there.
      The novelette was probably the equivalent of a Silver HM back when they didn’t have that category, since it got HM in the last batch of 5 that were announced along with the Semis and Finalists. So I like to think it was closer than a normal HM.

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