Show Me the Money 2010

So in my first official “writing as career” year (2009 for those following along), I made exactly 0 dollars. So I didn’t do a post about it because, well, that’s a pretty short post.

2010 went better, though not “making a living” level better.  But hey, that’ll come.

So here’s the money.

Money earned on novels: 0

Money earned with poetry: 48

Money earned on short stories: 411.76

Money earned from self-published stories: 9.10

Total: 468.86

Hey, way better than 2009, right? Hopefully the trend continues.  Funny though, how it almost works out to one dollar per 1000 words written.  It’s like earning a dollar an hour.

I’m not worried.  I’m just getting warmed up.  Every word I write is practice, ever sale I make is bonus.  As I get better at the one, I figure I’ll earn more bonuses.

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  1. David Barron

    Ah, you have ventured into the poetry goldmine…

    500 bucks is 500 bucks. It can only increase from there, especially on the ePub side.

  2. Todd

    Yeah, supporting yourself with writing is quiet the task. It seems like each passing years, it gets a little more unrealistic, but it has always been hard as hell to do.

    Not to say it isn’t possible. But there are so many amazing, stunning writers who wrote full time and never left the near poverty line their entire lives. Lovecraft is a good example. Even Phillip K. Dick was hardly getting by. I think he worked in a jewelry store for a little while to make ends meet.

    I’m not writing this to discourage you. Your doing something that takes intense dedication and courage, probably daily. But, in my opinion, there is a lot to be said about a stable career along side with writing. For me, each day at work is a chance to learn more about people, why they do the things they do. It feeds my fiction and my stomach!

    • izanobu

      That writers can’t (and don’t) make a good living is a myth. Is it easy to make a living as a writer? Probably not any more difficult than say, owning your own business. Tons of people manage to do that successfully, even though many small businesses also fail each year. Do I expect to making 6 figures a year instantly? Of course not. If I became a doctor or a lawyer, I wouldn’t be making money instantly either. Writing is a profession that takes a lot of practice (like art, or music, or law, or any number of highly skilled jobs). I need to build my skills, build my inventory, and my career will follow. As I said, I’m just getting started.
      I recommend that you read these posts, hopefully you’ll find them informative and inspiring 🙂

  3. Thomas K. Carpenter

    I completely agree with Annie on this, Todd. Open up a one month subscription to Publishers Weekly and you’ll realize the money is there to make a living. Add to that, the changes with electronic publishing (just read JA Konrath for stats) and you’ll see its more than possible.

    The real hurdle is rearranging your life so you can write every chance you get while working a regular job (or at least that’s my struggle.) Every week I make sacrifices to beat my word count goals. Last night I could have played poker with friends, but instead stayed home to write.

    It can be done. You just have to be willing to write your ass off.


  4. Brad R. Torgersen

    I still haven’t added up my totals for 2010 yet, but I will this week because I need to do my 1099 for Uncle Sam. I am pretty sure it’s at or around $2,500 but I won’t know for sure until I sit down and pull out all the check stubs and receipts and stuff. On the balance, a truly awesome year for fiction income. Alas, I still spent more than I made, mostly on workshops. Unless I can sell a novel, 2011 looks like it might be more of the same. Especially with me going to World Fantasy. But as the saying goes, it takes money to make money. Good luck for 2011, Annie! I feel a tremor in the Force. Good things are afoot for you.

    • izanobu

      I hope that’s true, Brad 🙂 I could use some “good things(tm)”. Been a lot of rejection and near misses lately.

      Workshops are important. I don’t regret going at all, nor the ones I’m about to go to 🙂

  5. L. M. May

    Hi Annie,

    Wow, that’s great! If we treat 2009 as $1, you had a factor of 468 increase in income from 2009.

    Since 2010 was my version of your 2009, I get to envy YOU 😀

    P.S. My schedule opened up at the very last moment and I will be going to the Denise Little workshop for the first time.

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