“This Book is Not the Boss of my Shit”

Normally I don’t just post to post a link, but I found something too awesome and fitting for my mindset right now that I just have to make a quickie post to share it.

Chuck Wendig over at terribleminds.com has posted “The Penmonkey’s Paean” and it is amazing.  Go, read, enjoy.

Haven’t clicked yet? Seriously, how could you not want to read a ‘prayer’ that begins with:

I am a writer, and I will finish the shit that I started.

I will not whine. I will not blubber. I will not make mewling whimpering cryface pissypants boo-hoo noises. I will not sing lamentations to my weakness.

My confidence is hard and unyielding. Like a kidney stone lodged in the ureter of a stegosaurus.

It’s amazeballs.  And now, I go back to writing, because this novel is not the boss of my shit *grin*

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  1. Amanda McCarter

    Omg, snort, giggle. Too funny! I love it! Thanks for linking to this.

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    […] writer friend Annie recently pointed me to a great poem for writers called “The Penmonkey’s Paean.” […]

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