This Is Not a Post

See? I’m not posting.  Because I’m too damn busy with this stupid novel draft to post.  Seriously.  What are you still reading? Nothing to see here, move along.

I’ve added three chapters so far on top of what my outline had planned for this novel.  I was worried before that I’d come in under 100k words, now I’m hoping I don’t go too far over.  Apparently this plot was too linear for my brain to handle and so it had to insert some more tough choices just to further mess with the main character.  Hopefully the novel will be better for it, however.

I’m predicting this will add two or three days to the schedule.  Will Nobu write through the weekend?  Say tuned.

Wait, don’t stay tuned.  Remember? There’s nothing to see here.

(I’m convinced: only insane people write novels.)

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