This Week In Writing

I’m putting the novel edit on hold this week in favor of finishing the edit on one of my short stories.  The reason for this?  It’s here.  This anthology was the whole reason my little 12 year old self started writing fantasy short stories.   I’m not sure the story I’ve got that is closest to being done is really exactly suited for this.  I’m going to rework the beginning and see how I feel about it.  I have a couple others that are nowhere near as polished that I could possibly rework also.  The reading period doesn’t begin for almost two weeks, so we’ll see what I can accomplish in that time frame.

So the plan for this week: rewrite the beginning of Monsters, look over my other short pieces and see what I have that might work, and just basically get back into the writing every day groove now that my uberlong work week is over.  2 hours a day, whether I need it or not.

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  1. debrennersmith

    Writing is hard work. It is the hardest part of my job. I admire the fact that you write at all. I am posting writing lessons on my website daily. This is my challenge right now. I wrote a book recently, that was tough. Keep writing.

  2. debrennersmith

    By the way, my website is if you want to see any of the lessons. I doubt you will need them since you are a writer though. deb

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