WotF 2nd Quarter Results

Well, I didn’t get a phone call.

But I’m a semi-finalist. Wee! Step in the right direction.  (Too bad I’m 90% sure my Q3 entry will be disqualified based on inclusion of a song lyric. Oh well. )

So yeah, that was sorta a shock, considering I’d heard nothing at all from Joni or anything.  But hey, getting a critique from KD is pretty awesome and way way better than the straight reject I thought I was getting.

Now, to go write something more awesome than anything ever for Q4!

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  1. Brad R. Torgersen

    You’re the second semi-finalist I am chummy with. Laurie Gaulinas is someone who I do occasional Alpha Readings on-line. Amanda McCarter too. I think all three of you will be winners eventually, if you just keep putting stories into the pile every quarter. I also believe firmly that due to spiking in the quality level at the very top, you’d probably have made Finalist as recently as three or four volumes ago. Things really are getting that competetive. Joni sez the Vol. 26 group is historic in that more Vol. 26 writers have additional sales beyond the Contest than ever before. These days, when you win, it really is something extraordinary, because there are so many good writers submitting. Keep it up, Annie! WOO WOO WOO!

    • izanobu

      That, or I’ll DQ from professional sales before I ever manage to win 😛 Which I could live with, seriously.

      Yeah, I recognized quite a few names on the lists this last quarter. Hopefully will see even more next time!

  2. Matthew Rotundo

    Strong finish! You should be quite proud.

    As for not getting a phone call–these results were quite delayed, probably due to the WotF crew having too much to do and not enough people to do it. So Joni is maybe cutting out the phone calls for now, in the interest of expediency.

    Good luck next quarter!

    • izanobu

      Thanks, Matthew! Looks like you’ve been busy yourself. Are you planning on making Reno 2011 Worldcon? It’s funny to me how it’s been just about exactly a year since Montreal, and I’m in a totally different place already writing-wise. Crazy 😛 Just think where we’ll be in another year!

  3. Alex J. Kane

    Onward to Quarter 4!

    It’s amazing how quickly the work you did several months ago starts to look awful. Makes the future look all that more promising.

    Hopefully a song lyric won’t disqualify the story; surely it could be easily edited out.

  4. osomuerte

    I think the new strategy is to kill the semi-finalists with anticipation. No call, no email, just lots of waiting. It give the late rejections something to fool themselves with.

  5. Dawn

    Still very exciting! Congratulations. Sure is nice to be seeing something for your efforts, isn’t it?

  6. osomuerte

    All right, Annie, I just got back from the WotF workshop! Wow, girl, you better get of your @$$ and write a winner because that workshop was awesome! Unbelievable. Life altering. Definitely career altering. And I know you deserve to experience it.

    No pressure, though. 🙂

    • izanobu

      Yeah, Brad was giving me private glimpses as well. It sounds like it was a total blast for both of you.

      Alas, WotF is just another market. If my stories don’t suit it, then I’m SOL. And my odds of winning before I pro-out are pretty small I think given my ratio of submissions. But it would be nice to win. We’ll see. I’m betting that I’ll pro-out in the next year or so, which gives me a few quarters yet.

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